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IntroductionIntroduction and Course OutlinePDF0.411 kb
IntroductionLayered Network ArchitecturePDF0.195 kb
Data Communication FundamentalsData and SignalPDF0.507 kb
Data Communication FundamentalsTransmission MediaPDF0.281 kb
Data Communication FundamentalsTransmission Impairments and Channel CapacityPDF0.187 kb
Data Communication FundamentalsTransmission of Digital SignalPDF0.816 kb
Data Communication FundamentalsAnalog Data to Analog SignalPDF0.638 kb
Data Communication FundamentalsDigital Data, Analog SignalsPDF0.372 kb
Data Communication FundamentalsMultiplexing of SignalsPDF0.521 kb
Data Link controlInterfacing to the media and synchronizationPDF0.394 kb
Data Link controlError Detection and CorrectionPDF0.402 kb
Data Link controlFlow Control and Error ControlPDF0.369 kb
Data Link controlHDLCPDF0.136 kb
Switched Communication NetworksSwitching Techniques: Circuit SwitchingPDF0.317 kb
Switched Communication NetworksSwitching Techniques: Circuit SwitchingPDF0.226 kb
Switched Communication NetworksSynchronous Optical Network (SONET)PDF0.27 kb
Switched Communication NetworksX.25PDF0.108 kb
Switched Communication NetworksFrame RelayPDF0.171 kb
Switched Communication NetworksAsynchronous Transfer Mode Switching (ATM)PDF0.203 kb
Broadcast Communication NetworksNetwork TopologyPDF0.113 kb
Broadcast Communication NetworksMedium Access Control (MAC) TechniquesPDF0.36 kb
Broadcast Communication NetworksIEEE CSMS/CD based LANsPDF0.184 kb
Broadcast Communication NetworksIEEE Ring LANsPDF0.162 kb
Broadcast Communication NetworksHigh Speed LANs ? Token Ring BasedPDF0.351 kb
Broadcast Communication NetworksHigh Speed LANs ? CSMA/CD basedPDF0.342 kb
Broadcast Communication NetworksWireless LANsPDF0.352 kb
Broadcast Communication NetworksBluetoothPDF0.179 kb
Broadcast Communication NetworksCellular Telephone NetworksPDF0.61 kb
Broadcast Communication NetworksSatellite NetworksPDF0.666 kb
InternetworkingInternetworking DevicesPDF0.765 kb
InternetworkingInternet Protocol (IP)PDF0.566 kb
InternetworkingTransport and Application Layer ProtocolsPDF0.615 kb
Routing and Congestion ControlBasics of RoutingPDF0.183 kb
Routing and Congestion ControlRIP ? Routing Information ProtocolPDF0.118 kb
Routing and Congestion ControlOpen Shortest Path First (OSPF)PDF0.128 kb
Routing and Congestion ControlBorder Gateway Protocol (BGP)PDF0.155 kb
Routing and Congestion ControlCongestion ControlPDF0.332 kb
Network SecurityCryptographyPDF0.863 kb
Network SecuritySecured CommunicationPDF0.544 kb
Network SecurityFirewallsPDF0.132 kb
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