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Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
IntroductionSelf Assessment 1Self Assessment 1653 kb
Scheduling, Allocation and BindingSelf Assessment 2Self Assessment 210 kb
Logic Optimization and SynthesisSelf Assessment 3Self Assessment 366 kb
Binary Decision DiagramSelf Assessment 4Self Assessment 4353 kb
Temporal LogicSelf Assessment 5Self Assessment 5195 kb
Model CheckingSelf Assessment 6Self Assessment 6210 kb
Introduction to Digital TestingSelf Assessment 7Self Assessment 764 kb
Fault Simulation and Testability MeasuresSelf Assessment 8Self Assessment 856 kb
Combinational Circuit Test Pattern GenerationSelf Assessment 9Self Assessment 961 kb
Sequential Circuit Testing and Scan ChainsSelf Assessment 10Self Assessment 1066 kb
Built in Self test (BIST)Self Assessment 11Self Assessment 1110 kb