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1Outline - What is Synthesis?DownloadPDF unavailable
2Chip Design Flow and Hardware ModellingDownloadPDF unavailable
3VHDL: Introduction to Hardware Description Languages & VHDL BasicsDownloadPDF unavailable
4VHDL: Modelling Timing - Events & TransactionsDownloadPDF unavailable
5VHDL: Specifying Hardware Behaviour with ProcessesDownloadPDF unavailable
6VHDL: Specifying Structure, Test Benches, Parameterisation, & LibrariesDownloadPDF unavailable
7Introduction to High-level SynthesisDownloadPDF unavailable
8Language front-end Design RepresentationDownloadPDF unavailable
9Compiler Transformation in High Level Synthesis: Constant Folding, Dead Code Elimination, Constant Propagation, & Strength ReductionDownloadPDF unavailable
10Memory Modelling & Compiler Transformation in High Level Synthesis: Common Sub-expression Elimination & Loop Invariant Code MotionDownloadPDF unavailable
11Compiler Transformations in High Level Synthesis: Loop Unrolling and Function InliningDownloadPDF unavailable
12Hardware Transformations & ASAP / ALAP SchedulingDownloadPDF unavailable
13Scheduling in High Level Synthesis: List Scheduling & Time-constrained SchedulingDownloadPDF unavailable
14Force Directed Scheduling & Register AllocationDownloadPDF unavailable
15High Level Synthesis and Timing IssuesDownloadPDF unavailable
16Finite State Machine Synthesis: Introduction to FSM EncodingDownloadPDF unavailable
17Finite State Machine Synthesis: Identifyinh Common Cubes & Graph EmbeddingDownloadPDF unavailable
18The Retiming ProblemDownloadPDF unavailable
19Efficient Solution to Retiming & Introduction to Logic SynthesisDownloadPDF unavailable
20Binary Decision DiagramsDownloadPDF unavailable
21Introduction to Logic SynthesisDownloadPDF unavailable
22Two-level Logic OptimisationDownloadPDF unavailable
23Multi-Level Logic OptimisationDownloadPDF unavailable
24Multi-level Logic Synthesis: Technology MappingDownloadPDF unavailable
25Introduction to Timing AnalysisDownloadPDF unavailable
26Timing Analysis & Critical PathsDownloadPDF unavailable