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Introduction using Basic Visibility ProblemsFAQs of Module1Introduction using basic visibility problems113 kb
The Plane Sweep Technique and applicationsFAQs of Module3The plane sweep technique and applications111 kb
Convex Hull Different Paradigms and QuickhullFAQs of Module4Convex hull different paradigms and quickhull133 kb
Dual Transformation and ApplicationsFAQs of Module5Dual transformation and applications43 kb
Lower Bounds on Algebraic tree modelFAQs of Module6Lower bounds on algebraic tree model82 kb
Point Location and TriangulationFAQs of Module7Point location and triangulation66 kb
Voronoi Diagram and Delaunay TriangulationFAQs of Module8Voronoi diagram and delaunay triangulation129 kb
Randomized Incremental Construction and Random SamplingFAQs of Module9Randomized incremental construction and random sampling64 kb
Arrangements and LevelsFAQs of Module10Arrangements and levels88 kb
Range SearchingFAQs of Module11Range searching91 kb
Clustering Point Sets using Quadtrees and ApplicationsFAQs of Module12Clustering point sets using quadtrees and applications101 kb
Epsilon-Nets VC Dimension and ApplicationsFAQs of Module13E-nets VC dimension and applications115 kb

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2Visibility ProblemsDownloadPDF unavailable
32D MaximaDownloadPDF unavailable
4Line Sweep MethodDownloadPDF unavailable
5Segment Intersection ProblemDownloadPDF unavailable
6Line Sweep: Rectangle UnionDownloadPDF unavailable
7Convex HullDownloadPDF unavailable
8Convex Hull ContdDownloadPDF unavailable
9Quick HullDownloadPDF unavailable
10More Convex Hull AlgorithmsDownloadPDF unavailable
11Intersection of Half Planes and DualityDownloadPDF unavailable
12Intersection of Half Planes and Duality ContdDownloadPDF unavailable
13Lower BoundsDownloadPDF unavailable
14Planar Point LocationDownloadPDF unavailable
15Point Location and Triangulation Contd...DownloadPDF unavailable
16Triangulation of Arbitrary Polygon.DownloadPDF unavailable
17Voronoi Diagram : PropertiesDownloadPDF unavailable
18Voronoi Diagram ConstructionDownloadPDF unavailable
19Delaunay Triangulation.DownloadPDF unavailable
20Quick sort and Backward AnalysisDownloadPDF unavailable
21Generalized RICDownloadPDF unavailable
22RIC ContinuedDownloadPDF unavailable
23ArrangementsDownloadPDF unavailable
24Zone Theorem and ApplicationDownloadPDF unavailable
25LevelsDownloadPDF unavailable
26Range Searching : IntroductionDownloadPDF unavailable
27Orthogonal Range searching DownloadPDF unavailable
28Priority Search TreesDownloadPDF unavailable
29Non - Orthogonal Range SearchingDownloadPDF unavailable
30Half - Plane Range QueryDownloadPDF unavailable
31Well Separated PartitioningDownloadPDF unavailable
32Quadtrees Epsilon -WSPDDownloadPDF unavailable
33Construction of Epsilon - WSPDDownloadPDF unavailable
34Epsilon - WSPD to Geometric SpannerDownloadPDF unavailable
35Epsilon-Nets & VC DimensionDownloadPDF unavailable
36Epsilon-Nets & VC Dimension contdDownloadPDF unavailable
37Geometric Set CoverDownloadPDF unavailable
38Geometric Set Cover (with Bounded VC Dimension)DownloadPDF unavailable
39Shape RepresentationDownloadPDF unavailable
40Shape ComparisonDownloadPDF unavailable