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1Overview of the courseDownload
2Framework for Algorithms AnalysisDownload
3Algorithms Analysis Framework - IIDownload
4Asymptotic NotationsDownload
5Algorithm Design Techniques : BasicsDownload
6Divide And Conquer-IDownload
7Divide And Conquer -II Median FindingDownload
8Divide And Conquer -III Surfing Lower BoundsDownload
9Divide And Conquer -IV Closest PairDownload
10Greedy Algorithms -IDownload
11Greedy Algorithms - IIDownload
12Greedy Algorithms - IIIDownload
13Greedy Algorithms - IVDownload
14Pattern Matching - IDownload
15Pattern Matching - IIDownload
16Combinational Search and Optimization IDownload
17Combinational Search and Optimization IIDownload
18Dynamic ProgrammingDownload
19Longest Common SubsequencesDownload
20Matrix Chain MultiplicationDownload
21Scheduling with Startup and Holding CostsDownload
22Average case Analysis of QuicksortDownload
23Bipartite Maximum MatchingDownload
24Lower Bounds for SortingDownload
25Element Distinctness Lower BoundsDownload
26NP-Completeness-I -MotivationDownload
27NP - Completeness - IIDownload
28NP-Completeness - IIIDownload
29NP-Completeness - IVDownload
30NP-Completeness - VDownload
31NP-Completeness - VIDownload
32Approximation AlgorithmsDownload
33Approximation AlgorithmsDownload
34Approximation Algorithms for NPDownload

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1Overview of the coursePDF unavailable
2Framework for Algorithms AnalysisPDF unavailable
3Algorithms Analysis Framework - IIPDF unavailable
4Asymptotic NotationsPDF unavailable
5Algorithm Design Techniques : BasicsPDF unavailable
6Divide And Conquer-IPDF unavailable
7Divide And Conquer -II Median FindingPDF unavailable
8Divide And Conquer -III Surfing Lower BoundsPDF unavailable
9Divide And Conquer -IV Closest PairPDF unavailable
10Greedy Algorithms -IPDF unavailable
11Greedy Algorithms - IIPDF unavailable
12Greedy Algorithms - IIIPDF unavailable
13Greedy Algorithms - IVPDF unavailable
14Pattern Matching - IPDF unavailable
15Pattern Matching - IIPDF unavailable
16Combinational Search and Optimization IPDF unavailable
17Combinational Search and Optimization IIPDF unavailable
18Dynamic ProgrammingPDF unavailable
19Longest Common SubsequencesPDF unavailable
20Matrix Chain MultiplicationPDF unavailable
21Scheduling with Startup and Holding CostsPDF unavailable
22Average case Analysis of QuicksortPDF unavailable
23Bipartite Maximum MatchingPDF unavailable
24Lower Bounds for SortingPDF unavailable
25Element Distinctness Lower BoundsPDF unavailable
26NP-Completeness-I -MotivationPDF unavailable
27NP - Completeness - IIPDF unavailable
28NP-Completeness - IIIPDF unavailable
29NP-Completeness - IVPDF unavailable
30NP-Completeness - VPDF unavailable
31NP-Completeness - VIPDF unavailable
32Approximation AlgorithmsPDF unavailable
33Approximation AlgorithmsPDF unavailable
34Approximation Algorithms for NPPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available