Design Example

Domestic Water Treatment and Supply

Module 1: Municipal Water Supply: Sources and Quality
Lecture 1: Raw Water Source and Quality

Module 2: Water Quantity and Intake Details
Lecture 2: Water Quantity Estimation
        Lecture 3: Intake, Pumping and Conveyance      

Module 3: Unit Processes in Municipal Water Treatment
Lecture 4: Water Treatment Philosophy
        Lecture 5: Preliminary Treatment: Silt Excluder Design
        Lecture 6: Sedimentation Tank Design
        Lecture 7: Coagulation - Flocculation Theory
        Lecture 8: Rapid Mixing, Coagulation - Flocculation
        Lecture 9: Coagulation - Flocculation
        Lecture 10: Filtration Theory
        Lecture 11: Rapid Sand Filtration
        Lecture 12: Disinfection

Module 4: Municipal Water Treatment Plant Design Details
Lecture 13: Treatment Plant Siting and Hydraulics

Module 5: Water Storage Tanks and Distribution Network
Lecture 14: Water Storage Tanks and Water Supply Network
        Lecture 15: Water Supply Network Design

Module 6: Rural Water Supply
Lecture 16: Water Treatment and Supply for Rural Areas