Observations and Calculations
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Diameter of mould, d (cm) =                     Wt. of rammer (kg) =
Height of mould, h (cm) =                         No. of layers =
Volume of mould, V (cm3) =                      No.of blows/layer =
Mass of mould, W (g) =

Test No.
Mass of mould + compacted soil (g)

Mass of compacted soil, Wt (g)

Bulk density,            
Average water content, w (%)

Dry density, (g/cc )            
Dry density at 100% saturation (g/cc )


1. Calculate the bulk density of each compacted soil specimen.

2. Calculate the average moisture content of the compacted specimen and then its dry density.

3. Plot the dry densities obtained as ordinates against the corresponding moisture contents as abscissa, draw a smooth compaction curve passing through them, and obtain the values of maximum dry density (MDD) and optimum moisture content (OMC).
4. On the same graph, plot a curve corresponding to 100% saturation, calculated from
where S = degree of saturation, Gs = specific gravity of solids, and gw = unit weight of water.

MDD (g/cc ) =
OMC (%) =

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