Observations and Calculations
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Initial mass of soil sample taken for analysis (kg) =

Sieve size


Mass of sieve


Mass of sieve + soil


Soil retained


Percent retained


percent retained

Percent finer


4.75 mm
2.8 mm
2 mm
1 mm
600 micron
425 micron
300 micron
150 micron
75 micron

1. Obtain the mass of soil retained on each sieve. The sum of the retained masses should be approximately equal to the initial mass of the soil sample.

2. Calculate the percent retained on each sieve by dividing the mass retained on the sieve with the total initial mass of the soil.

3. Calculate the cumulative percent retained by adding percent retained on each sieve as a cumulative procedure.

4. Calculate the percent finer by subtracting the cumulative percent retained from 100 percent.

5. Make a grain size distribution curve by plotting sieve size on log scale and percent finer on ordinary scale.

6. Read off the sizes corresponding to 60%, 30% and 10% finer. Calculate the uniformity coefficient (Cu) and the curvature coefficient (Cc) for the soil.

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