Experiment No. 2: Soil Specific Gravity
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Determination of the specific gravity of soil particles finer than 2 mm.

Small pycnometer (density bottle of 50 ml capacity), Balance (accuracy 0.001 g), Funnel, Spoon, Distilled and deaired water, Vacuum pump, Thermometer.

1. Wash, dry and weigh the pycnometer.

2. Place about 10 g of dry soil sample in the pycnometer. Weigh the bottle with the soil.

3. Add sufficient deaired water to cover the soil, and connect the bottle to a vacuum pump to remove all entrapped air.

4. Disconnect the pump and fill the bottle with water up to the calibration mark.

5. Clean the exterior surface of the bottle pycnometer with dry cloth, and weigh the bottle with contents.

6. Empty the bottle and clean it. Fill it with distilled water up to the mark and record its weight.

7. Conduct the test for 3 times.

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