Experiment No. 1: Soil Moisture Content
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Determination of moisture content (water content) of soil.

Drying oven, Non-corrodible metal cans with lids, Balance (0.001 g accuracy for fine-grained soils), Spatula, Gloves, Tongs.

1. Record the number of can and lid. Clean, dry, and record their weight.

2. Using a spatula, place about 15-30 g of moist soil in the can. Secure the lid, weigh and record.

3. Maintain the temperature of the oven at 110 ± 5°C. Open the lid, and place the can in the oven. Leave it overnight.

4. After drying, remove the can carefully from the oven using gloves or tongs. Allow it to cool to room temperature.

5. Weigh the dry soil in the can along with lid.

6. For each soil, perform at least 3 sets of the test.

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