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1Introduction and Planet EquivalentDownloadPDF unavailable
2Basics of Carbon CycleDownloadPDF unavailable
3Factors Affecting carbon CycleDownloadPDF unavailable
4Fundamentals of SustainabilityDownloadPDF unavailable
5Role of Materials and Embodied EnergyDownloadPDF unavailable
6Case Study for Energy in BuildingDownloadPDF unavailable
7Calculation of Ecological FootprintDownloadPDF unavailable
8Role of Cement in Sustainability and Calculation of Chemical ExergyDownloadPDF unavailable
9Fuel for CementDownloadPDF unavailable
10Cemebtitious/ Supplementary Cementitious Materials and Their CharacterizationDownloadPDF unavailable
11Strength of Concrete With Supplementary Cementitious Materials and Composite CementsDownloadPDF unavailable
12Types of Composite CementsDownloadPDF unavailable
13Alternative Fuel for cement and Embodied EnergyDownloadPDF unavailable
14Life Cycle Embodied Energy and Concrete SustainabilityDownloadPDF unavailable
15Strength of Concrete and Use of AdmixturesDownloadPDF unavailable
16Curing Methods and Use of Waste Water for Mixing and CuringDownloadPDF unavailable
17Modern Composite ConcreteDownloadPDF unavailable
18Recycled Aggregate-ITZ and ProessingDownloadPDF unavailable
19Classification of Recycled Aggregate: Crushing and Grinding of AggregatesDownloadPDF unavailable
20Crushing and Grinding: Bond's Law+Operational Energy: U-ValueDownloadPDF unavailable
21Operational Energy: Thermal Conductivity ModelsDownloadPDF unavailable
22Operational Energy: Thermal Conductivity Models (Contd..)DownloadPDF unavailable
23Operational Energy: Estimation of Thermal Conductivity DownloadPDF unavailable
24Thermal Diffusivity and Clay BricksDownloadPDF unavailable
25Types of Bricks Kilns and Carbon BalanceDownloadPDF unavailable
26Carbon Balance, Comparison of Various Types of Brick Kilns and Sealants, Paints, AdhesiveDownloadPDF unavailable
27Sealants, Health Hazards of Building Materials and Emission ModelsDownloadPDF unavailable
28Emission Models and TestingDownloadPDF unavailable
29Energy Efficient Design of BuildingsDownloadPDF unavailable
30Design Optimization of BuildingsDownloadPDF unavailable
31Building Design Optimization Using Genetic AlgorithmDownloadPDF unavailable
32Urban Heat Island: Radiation ConceptsDownloadPDF unavailable
33Urban Heat Island: Urban Canopy LayerDownloadPDF unavailable
34Evapotranspiration: Theory and ModelsDownloadPDF unavailable
35Evapotranspiration: Case Study and Surface Water BalanceDownloadPDF unavailable
36Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC2007)DownloadPDF unavailable
37Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC2007) Contd..DownloadPDF unavailable
38ECBC Compliant MethodologyDownloadPDF unavailable
39OTTV MethodologyDownloadPDF unavailable
40Solar Energy and Solar CellsDownloadPDF unavailable
41Solar Photo Volatic CellsDownloadPDF unavailable
42Solar Water HeatingDownloadPDF unavailable
43Design Strategies and the Green Design ProcessDownloadPDF unavailable
44Green Building Rating SystemsDownloadPDF unavailable
45Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, Insulated Precast System and Insulated Precast FormsDownloadPDF unavailable
46Insulated Concrete Form and Tunnel FormDownloadPDF unavailable
47Modular ConstructionDownloadPDF unavailable