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Introduction and OptimizationLecture01Lecture Notes497 kb
Introduction and OptimizationLecture02Lecture Notes554 kb
Introduction and OptimizationLecture03Lecture Notes369 kb
Introduction and OptimizationLecture04Lecture Notes97 kb
Introduction and OptimizationLecture05Lecture Notes102 kb
Introduction and OptimizationLecture06Lecture Notes90 kb
Introduction and OptimizationLecture07Lecture Notes100 kb
Linear ProgrammingLecture08Lecture Notes107 kb
Linear ProgrammingLecture09Lecture Notes93 kb
Linear ProgrammingLecture10Lecture Notes135 kb
Linear ProgrammingLecture11Lecture Notes100 kb
Linear ProgrammingLecture12Lecture Notes150 kb
Linear ProgrammingLecture13Lecture Notes117 kb
Dynamic ProgrammingLecture14Lecture Notes108 kb
Dynamic ProgrammingLecture15Lecture Notes116 kb
Dynamic ProgrammingLecture16Lecture Notes100 kb
Dynamic ProgrammingLecture17Lecture Notes153 kb
Simulation and Multi-Objective PlanningLecture18Lecture Notes163 kb
Simulation and Multi-Objective PlanningLecture19Lecture Notes124 kb
Reservoir Systems Deterministic inflowsLecture20Lecture Notes188 kb
Reservoir Systems Deterministic inflowsLecture21Lecture Notes133 kb
Reservoir Systems Deterministic inflowsLecture22Lecture Notes133 kb
Reservoir Systems Deterministic inflowsLecture23Lecture Notes125 kb
Reservoir Systems Deterministic inflowsLecture24Lecture Notes134 kb
Reservoir Systems Deterministic inflowsLecture25Lecture Notes122 kb
Reservoir Systems Deterministic inflowsLecture26Lecture Notes167 kb
Reservoir Systems Random inflowsLecture27Lecture Notes129 kb
Reservoir Systems Random inflowsLecture28Lecture Notes247 kb
Reservoir Systems Random inflowsLecture29Lecture Notes144 kb
Reservoir Systems Random inflowsLecture30Lecture Notes129 kb
Reservoir Systems Random inflowsLecture31Lecture Notes124 kb
Reservoir Systems Random inflowsLecture32Lecture Notes105 kb
Reservoir Systems Random inflowsLecture33Lecture Notes115 kb
Fuzzy OptimizationLecture34Lecture Notes239 kb
Fuzzy OptimizationLecture35Lecture Notes309 kb
Fuzzy OptimizationLecture36Lecture Notes248 kb
Model Formulations and Case StudiesLecture37Lecture Notes365 kb
Model Formulations and Case StudiesLecture38Lecture Notes237 kb
Model Formulations and Case StudiesLecture39Lecture Notes324 kb
Model Formulations and Case StudiesLecture40Lecture Notes292 kb

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1IntroductionPDF unavailable
2Definitions and types of systemsPDF unavailable
3Optimization: Functions of a single variablePDF unavailable
4Optimization: Functions of multiple variablesPDF unavailable
5Constrained optimization (1)PDF unavailable
6Constrained optimization (2)PDF unavailable
7Kuhn-Tucker conditions and Introduction to Linear ProgrammingPDF unavailable
8Linear Programming: Graphical methodPDF unavailable
9Linear Programming: Simplex method (1)PDF unavailable
10Linear Programming: Simplex method (2)PDF unavailable
11Linear Programming: Multiple solutionsPDF unavailable
12Linear Programming: Unbounded and infeasible problemsPDF unavailable
13Linear Programming: Dual problemPDF unavailable
14Introduction to Dynamic ProgrammingPDF unavailable
15Dynamic Programming: Water allocation problemPDF unavailable
16Dynamic Programming: Reservoir operation problemPDF unavailable
17Dynamic Programming: Capacity expansion and shortest route problemsPDF unavailable
18Simulation: Introduction to Multi-objective planningPDF unavailable
19Multi-objective planningPDF unavailable
20Reservoir sizingPDF unavailable
21Reservoir capacity using Linear Programming (1)PDF unavailable
22Reservoir capacity using Linear Programming (2)PDF unavailable
23Reservoir operationPDF unavailable
24Multi-reservoir systemsPDF unavailable
25Stationary policy using Dynamic ProgrammingPDF unavailable
26Hydropower generationPDF unavailable
27Basic probability theory (1)PDF unavailable
28Basic probability theory (2)PDF unavailable
29Chance constrained Linear Programming for reservoir operation and design (1)PDF unavailable
30Chance constrained Linear Programming for reservoir operation and design (2)PDF unavailable
31Stochastic Dynamic Programming for reservoir operation (1)PDF unavailable
32Stochastic Dynamic Programming for reservoir operation (2)PDF unavailable
33Stochastic Dynamic Programming for reservoir operation (3)PDF unavailable
34Fuzzy optimization (1)PDF unavailable
35Fuzzy optimization (2)PDF unavailable
36Fuzzy optimization for water quality control and reservoir operationPDF unavailable
37Conjunctive use of ground and surface waterPDF unavailable
38Hydropower optimizationPDF unavailable
39Crop yield optimizationPDF unavailable
40Multi-basin and multi-reservoir systemsPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available