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Introduction to Ground ImprovementLecture 1Lecture Notes2114 kb
Introduction to Ground ImprovementLecture02Lecture Notes527 kb
Introduction to Ground ImprovementLecture03Lecture Notes1604 kb
Ground ModificationLecture04Lecture Notes1398 kb
Ground ModificationLecture05Lecture Notes2166 kb
Ground ModificationLecture06Lecture Notes1668 kb
Ground ModificationLecture07Lecture Notes2914 kb
Stone columnsLecture08Lecture Notes3499 kb
Stone columnsLecture09Lecture Notes7892 kb
Prefabricated Vertical drainsLecture10Lecture Notes4631 kb
Prefabricated Vertical drainsLecture11Lecture Notes3742 kb
Dewatering and Electro kinteticsLecture12Lecture Notes4209 kb
Dewatering and Electro kinteticsLecture13Lecture Notes1477 kb
Dewatering and Electro kinteticsLecture14Lecture Notes4324 kb
Ground Treatment methodsLecture15Lecture Notes1114 kb
Ground Treatment methodsLecture16Lecture Notes1114 kb
Ground Treatment methodsLecture17Lecture Notes3230 kb
Ground Treatment methodsLecture18Lecture Notes3230 kb
Ground Treatment methodsLecture19Lecture Notes611 kb
Ground Treatment methodsLecture20Lecture Notes769 kb
Grouting and MicropilesLecture21Lecture Notes1354 kb
Grouting and MicropilesLecture22Lecture Notes5170 kb
GeosyntheticsLecture23Lecture Notes11331 kb
GeosyntheticsLecture24Lecture Notes10601 kb
GeosyntheticsLecture25Lecture Notes1259 kb
GeosyntheticsLecture26Lecture Notes2543 kb
GeosyntheticsLecture27Lecture Notes4158 kb
GeosyntheticsLecture28Lecture Notes714 kb
GeosyntheticsLecture29Lecture Notes384 kb
GeosyntheticsLecture30Lecture Notes3097 kb
GeosyntheticsLecture31Lecture Notes8060 kb
GeosyntheticsLecture32Lecture Notes414 kb
GeosyntheticsLecture33Lecture Notes6450 kb
GeosyntheticsLecture34Lecture Notes751 kb
GeosyntheticsLecture35Lecture Notes1803 kb
GeosyntheticsLecture36Lecture Notes2295 kb
GeosyntheticsLecture37Lecture Notes370 kb
Emerging and innovative topicsLecture38Lecture Notes955 kb
Emerging and innovative topicsLecture39Lecture Notes1253 kb
Emerging and innovative topicsLecture40Lecture Notes1010 kb
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Introduction to Ground ImprovementQuestionsQuestions for the whole course115 kb

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Need for Ground ImprovementPDF unavailable
2Classification of ground modification techniquesPDF unavailable
3Emerging trends in ground improvementPDF unavailable
4Mechanical modificationPDF unavailable
5Compaction ControlPDF unavailable
6Deep compactionPDF unavailable
7Dynamic compactionPDF unavailable
8Vibro-compaction methodsPDF unavailable
9Case studies in stone columnsPDF unavailable
10Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVDS) IPDF unavailable
11Prefabricated drains (PVDS) IIPDF unavailable
12Dewatering - IPDF unavailable
13Dewatering - IIPDF unavailable
14Electro-kinetic stabilizationPDF unavailable
15Heating and freezing methods, Blasting methods-IPDF unavailable
16Heating and freezing methods, Blasting methods-IIPDF unavailable
17Ground Treatment with lime IPDF unavailable
18Ground Treatment with lime IIPDF unavailable
19Ground treatment with cementPDF unavailable
20Grouting proceduresPDF unavailable
21GroutingPDF unavailable
22MicropilesPDF unavailable
23Introduction to Geosynthetics -IPDF unavailable
24Introduction to Geosynthetics -IIPDF unavailable
25Reinforced soil principles and mechanismsPDF unavailable
26Material propertiesPDF unavailable
27Factors affecting reinforced soilPDF unavailable
28Bearing capacity improvement IPDF unavailable
29Bearing capacity improvement IIPDF unavailable
30Reinforced soil slopesPDF unavailable
31Reinforced Soil WallsPDF unavailable
32Reinforced Soil Walls IPDF unavailable
33Soil NailingPDF unavailable
34Design of embankments on soft soil using geosyntheticsPDF unavailable
35Design of embankments on soft soil using geocells, Use of geosyntheticsfor filtration and drainagePDF unavailable
36Applications in filtration and drainage & erosion controlPDF unavailable
37Geosynthetics in pavementsPDF unavailable
38Sustainable development and energy geotechnologyPDF unavailable
39Microbial geotechnology and Ground ImprovementPDF unavailable
40Nano-technologies in ground improvement and site remediationPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available