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1Introduction, Fundamentals of Equilibrium & KineticsPDF unavailable
2Equilibrium-Process Feasibility, Gibbs Energy-Standard Condition PDF unavailable
3Gibbs Free Energy-Non Standard Conditions-IPDF unavailable
4Gibbs Free Energy-Non Standard Conditions-IIPDF unavailable
5Phase EquilibriumPDF unavailable
6Component BalancePDF unavailable
7Reaction KineticsPDF unavailable
8Rate of Reaction-I PDF unavailable
9Rate of Reaction-II, Types of ReactorsPDF unavailable
10Mass Balance on different types of ReactorsPDF unavailable
11Material Balance for Complex ReactionsPDF unavailable
12Material Balance for Reversible ReactionsPDF unavailable
13Determination of Kinetic EquationsPDF unavailable
14Acid-Base ReactionsPDF unavailable
15Acid Dissociation Constant, Strength of Acid PDF unavailable
16Ionization FractionsPDF unavailable
17Introduction to VMINTEQPDF unavailable
18Estimation of pH using VMINTEQPDF unavailable
19Mixing Problems PDF unavailable
20Inverse Dose Problems PDF unavailable
21logC-pH DiagramPDF unavailable
22Carbonate System: Closed SystemPDF unavailable
23Carbonate System: Open System PDF unavailable
24VMINTEQ: Application of Gases, Acid-Base TitrationPDF unavailable
25VMINTEQ: Titration & Multisweeep, Buffer: Introduction PDF unavailable
26VMINTEQ: Buffer System, Buffer Intensity: IntroductionPDF unavailable
27Buffer Intensity: Monoprotic & Diprotic AcidsPDF unavailable
28Alkalinity: IntroductionPDF unavailable
29Alkalinity: Theoretical & Practical DefinitionPDF unavailable
30Acidity and its ApplicationsPDF unavailable
31Alkalinity & Acidity: Applications PDF unavailable
32Mixing of Two Solutions & Conservative Quantities- I PDF unavailable
33Mixing of Two Solutions & Conservative Quantities- II PDF unavailable
34Carbonate & Non-Carbonate AlkalinityPDF unavailable
35Anaerobic Digester: Acid Formation & NeutralizationPDF unavailable
36Aqueous Complexes: Applications in Toxicity ReductionPDF unavailable
37Aqueous Complexes: Solubility, Rate Constants & Strength of LigandsPDF unavailable
38Aqueous Complexes of Aluminium (Al) PDF unavailable
39Aqueous Complexes of Mercury (Hg)PDF unavailable
40Precipitation & Dissolution: Introduction & ApplicationsPDF unavailable
41Applications of Precipitation & Dissolution PDF unavailable
42Different Stages in Precipitation, Equilibrium of Precipitation- I PDF unavailable
43Equilibrium of Precipitation- IIPDF unavailable
44Examples Related to Equilibrium of Precipitation PDF unavailable
45Other Examples of Equilibrium of PrecipitationPDF unavailable
46Solubility and Competitive PrecipitationPDF unavailable
47Predominance Area Diagram & Introduction to Redox Processes PDF unavailable
48Redox Reactions and its ApplicationsPDF unavailable
49Balancing of Redox & Development of Half ReactionPDF unavailable
50Kinetics of Redox ProcessesPDF unavailable
51Equilibrium of redox - IPDF unavailable
52Equilibrium of Redox- II & Reaction Feasibility PDF unavailable
53Reaction Feasibility Based on Pe- I PDF unavailable
54Reaction Feasibility Based on Pe- IIPDF unavailable
55Effect of Complexation on RedoxPDF unavailable
56Effect of Complexation and Solid Phase on RedoxPDF unavailable
57Reaction Feasibility based on Eh PDF unavailable
58Introduction to Electrochemical cell (Ecell) PDF unavailable
59Applications of EcellPDF unavailable
60logC-Pe & pH-Pe DiagramPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available