Modules / Lectures

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1 Why this course?PDF unavailable
2Concepts and equations in this coursePDF unavailable
3Objectives and prerequisitePDF unavailable
4Linear AlgebraPDF unavailable
5Vector AlgebraPDF unavailable
6Representation of VectorPDF unavailable
7Concept of Force PDF unavailable
8Definition of a bodyPDF unavailable
9Motion and Displacement fieldPDF unavailable
10Traction PDF unavailable
11Properties of tractionPDF unavailable
12Defnition of stress tensor and linear functionPDF unavailable
13Tensor AlgebraPDF unavailable
14Meaning of components of the stress tensorPDF unavailable
15Transformation of stress componentsPDF unavailable
16Mohr's Circle derivationPDF unavailable
17Example 1: Construction of Mohr's circlePDF unavailable
18Example 2: Extremum normal and shear stressPDF unavailable
19Example 3: Transformation of stress componentsPDF unavailable
20Uniaxial stressPDF unavailable
21Hydrostatic, pure shear and deviatoric stressPDF unavailable
22Biaxial and Plane state of stressPDF unavailable
23Extreme stress for 3D stressesPDF unavailable
24Extremum shear stressPDF unavailable
25Stresses in the Octahedral planePDF unavailable
262D Equilibrium equationsPDF unavailable
273D Equilibrium equationsPDF unavailable
28Stretch ratio and strainPDF unavailable
29Curves and arc LengthPDF unavailable
30GradientPDF unavailable
31Deformation and displacement GradientPDF unavailable
32Right Cauchy Green Deformation tensorPDF unavailable
33Homogeneous deformationPDF unavailable
34Engineering strainPDF unavailable
35Change in AnglePDF unavailable
36Transformation of strain components/ Strain RosettePDF unavailable
37Compatibility conditionPDF unavailable
38Constitutive relationPDF unavailable
39Young's Modulus and Poisson's RatioPDF unavailable
40Shear ModulusPDF unavailable
41Bulk ModulusPDF unavailable
42Restriction on material parametersPDF unavailable
43Thermal strainPDF unavailable
44Strain energy, load potential and total potentialPDF unavailable
45Stepped shaft subjected to axial force PDF unavailable
46Inhomogeneous bar subjected to axial forcePDF unavailable
47Stepped shaft subjected to raise in temperaturePDF unavailable
48Traction in member subjected to bendingPDF unavailable
49Governing equilibrium equationsPDF unavailable
50Displacement fieldPDF unavailable
51Bending equationPDF unavailable
52Radius of curvaturePDF unavailable
53Shear force and bending moment diagramPDF unavailable
54Variation of axial stressPDF unavailable
55Deflected shape and rotation of cross sectionPDF unavailable
56Expression to find shear stressPDF unavailable
57Finding centroid of a cross sectionPDF unavailable
58Parallel axis theorem and its applicationPDF unavailable
59Vertical shear stress in I sectionPDF unavailable
60Horizontal shear stress in I sectionPDF unavailable
61Connection designPDF unavailable
62Definition of shear center PDF unavailable
63Shear center of Channel sectionPDF unavailable
64Expression to find shear centerPDF unavailable
65Shear force and bending moment diagramPDF unavailable
66Deflected shape and rotation of cross sectionPDF unavailable
67Finding allowable load PDF unavailable
68Modified bending equationPDF unavailable
69Bending of a composite beamPDF unavailable
70Connection designPDF unavailable
71Moment of Intertia about arbitrarily oriented axisPDF unavailable
72Example: Angle sectionPDF unavailable
73Bending equation for bending about principal axisPDF unavailable
74Bending equation about arbitrary axisPDF unavailable
75Neutral axisPDF unavailable
76Load not about principal axisPDF unavailable
77Load about principal axisPDF unavailable
78Displacement fieldPDF unavailable
79Torsion equationPDF unavailable
80Example problemsPDF unavailable
81Expression relating angle of twist with torsion and shear stressPDF unavailable
82Example problems: Open sectionsPDF unavailable
83Thin walled closed sectionsPDF unavailable
84Example problems: Thin walled sectionsPDF unavailable
85Cylindrical polar coordinate systemPDF unavailable
86Displacement fieldPDF unavailable
87Governing differential equation and solutionPDF unavailable
88Example problems : Thick walled cylindrical vesselPDF unavailable
89Thin walled pressure vesselsPDF unavailable
90General PrincipalsPDF unavailable
91Different failure modesPDF unavailable
92Tresca ConditionPDF unavailable
93vonMises conditionPDF unavailable
94Maximum normal stress or rankine conditionPDF unavailable
95Mohr - Columb conditionPDF unavailable
96Drucker-Prager ConditionPDF unavailable
97General ConceptsPDF unavailable
98Euler critical load for simply supported columnPDF unavailable
99Euler critical load for column with any boundary conditionPDF unavailable
100Secant formulaPDF unavailable
101Pressure vessel and failure theoryPDF unavailable
102Determination of maximum load carrying capacity of a simple trussPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available