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Introductionlecture notesIntroduction1525 kb
C1 ligands and simple reactionslecture notesC1 ligands and simple reactions27704 kb
η m  (m=even) ligandslecture notesη m (m=even) ligands11270 kb
Reactions with oxidation state changelecture notesReactions with oxidation state change8122 kb
η m  (m=odd) ligandslecture notesη m (m=odd) ligands5285 kb
Metalloceneslecture notesMetallocenes6272 kb
Dynamics and structures of organometallic compoundslecture notesDynamics and structures of organometallic compounds8103 kb
Useful catalytic and Stoichiometric reactionslecture notesUseful catalytic and Stoichiometric reactions11509 kb
Applications of organometallic chemistrylecture notesApplications of organometallic chemistry6067 kb
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Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
IntroductionquestionsIntroduction52 kb
C1 ligands and simple reactionsquestionsC1 ligands and simple reactions103 kb
η m  (m=even) ligandsquestionsη m (m=even) ligands81 kb
Reactions with oxidation state changequestionsReactions with oxidation state change89 kb
η m  (m=odd) ligandsquestionsη m (m=odd) ligands51 kb
MetallocenesquestionsMetallocenes100 kb
Dynamics and structures of organometallic compoundsquestionsDynamics and structures of organometallic compounds52 kb
Useful catalytic and Stoichiometric reactionsquestionsUseful catalytic and Stoichiometric reactions90 kb
Applications of organometallic chemistryquestionsApplications of organometallic chemistry86 kb

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Introduction to Organometallic chemistryPDF unavailable
2Metal carbonyl complexesPDF unavailable
3Metal carbonyls –Part IIPDF unavailable
4Ligand substitution reactionsPDF unavailable
5Substitutes for carbonyl ligandsPDF unavailable
6Carbene complexesPDF unavailable
7Carbene complexes continuedPDF unavailable
8Non-Carbon Ancillary ligands PDF unavailable
9Non-Carbon Ancillary ligands continuedPDF unavailable
10Metal alkyl complexesPDF unavailable
11Ligand Insertion ReactionsPDF unavailable
12Metal alkene complexesPDF unavailable
13Alkynes ?2 bondingPDF unavailable
14Metal dihydrogen and hydridesPDF unavailable
15Migratory Insertion reaction with alkynesPDF unavailable
16ηm  (m=4 dienes and m=2n,polyenes)PDF unavailable
17Oxidative addition & Vaskas complex mechanismPDF unavailable
18Reductive eliminationPDF unavailable
19Reductive Elimination mechanismPDF unavailable
20Oxidative coupling with C-C bond formationPDF unavailable
21Metathesis reactionsPDF unavailable
22Metal-allyls - ? 3 complexes-synthesis, bondingPDF unavailable
23Metal-allyls - η 3 complexes-fluxionality, reactivityPDF unavailable
24C-C single bond forming reactionsPDF unavailable
25? 5 Cyclopentadienyl - complexesPDF unavailable
26η6  arene  Metal complexesPDF unavailable
27Half sandwich complexesPDF unavailable
28Reactivity changes in coordinated ligandsPDF unavailable
29The isolobal analogyPDF unavailable
30Fluxional Properties of OrganometallicsPDF unavailable
31Quantifying Steric and electronic factorsPDF unavailable
32Hydrogenation reactionsPDF unavailable
33Addition of HX to olefinsPDF unavailable
34Reactions with CO insertionPDF unavailable
35Organometallics promoted C-X couplingPDF unavailable
36Organometallic polymerizationPDF unavailable
37C-H activationPDF unavailable
38Asymmetric CatalysisPDF unavailable
39Medicinal applications of organometallic complexesPDF unavailable
40Special Properties and ApplicationsPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
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