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1Lecture 1: WelcomePDF unavailable
2Lecture 2: Elementary Mathematical Functions Used in Our CoursePDF unavailable
3Lecture 3: Schrodinger Equation: Particle in a One Dimensional BoxPDF unavailable
4Lecture 4: Particle in a One dimensional Box: Probabilities and Expectation ValuesPDF unavailable
5Lecture 5: Elementary Mathematics: Introduction to Matrix Algebra - Part 1PDF unavailable
6Lecture 5: Elementary Mathematics: Introduction to Matrix Algebra - Part 2PDF unavailable
7Lecture 6: Elementary Mathematics: Matrix Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions: Part IPDF unavailable
8Lecture 7: Elementary Mathematics: Matrix Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions: Part IIPDF unavailable
9Lecture 8: Particle in a Two Dimensional Box (Infinite Barrier)PDF unavailable
10Lecture 9: Heisenberg’s Uncertainty PrinciplePDF unavailable
11Lecture 10: Expectation Values and Postulates in Quantum MechanicsPDF unavailable
12Lecture 11: Problems and Solutions for Particle in One and Two Dimensional BoxesPDF unavailable
13Lecture 12: Linear Vector Spaces: Matrix Representations PDF unavailable
14Lecture 13: Linear Vector Spaces and Operators: Dirac’s Bracket NotationPDF unavailable
15Lecture 14: Simple Harmonic Oscillator: Classical HamiltonianPDF unavailable
16Lecture 15: Simple Harmonic Oscillator: Quantum Mechanical Solutions PDF unavailable
17Lecture 16: Simple Harmonic Oscillator: Wave Functions, Probabilities and Average ValuesPDF unavailable
18Lecture 17: Simple Harmonic Oscillator: Average Values for Position and MomentumPDF unavailable
19Lecture 18: Particle on a Ring: The Quantum ModelPDF unavailable
20Lecture 19: Particle on a Ring: Expectation Values for Angular MomentumPDF unavailable
21Lecture 20: Coordinate TransformationPDF unavailable
22Lecture 21: Problems and Solutions for Harmonic OscillatorPDF unavailable
23Lecture 22 - Hydrogen Atom: The Hamiltonian in Spherical Polar CoordinatesPDF unavailable
24Lecture 23 - Hydrogen Atom: Separation of the Schrödinger Equation PDF unavailable
25Lecture 24 - Hydrogen Atom: Radial and Angular Solutions and Animations Part I PDF unavailable
26Lecture 25 - Hydrogen Atom: Radial and Angular Solutions and Animations Part IIPDF unavailable
27Lecture 26 - Hydrogen Atom: Radial Solutions and ProbabilitiesPDF unavailable
28Lecture 27 - Power Series Method for Differential Equation - IPDF unavailable
29Lecture 28 - Hermite’s Differential EquationPDF unavailable
30Lecture 29 - Legendre and Associated Legendre EquationPDF unavailable
31Lecture 30 - Born-Oppenheimer ApproximationPDF unavailable
32Lecture 31 - Introduction to Angular MomentumPDF unavailable
33Lecture 32 - Spin ½ Angular Momentum PDF unavailable
34Lecture 33 - Spin Angular Momentum and Coupling of Two Spin-1/2 Angular MomentaPDF unavailable
35Lecture 34 - Coupling of Two Angular MomentaPDF unavailable
36Lecture 35 - Video Tutorial for Hermite polynomials and hydrogen atom Part 1PDF unavailable
37Lecture 36 - Video Tutorials Part 2PDF unavailable
38Lecture 37 - Variational Principle in Quantum Chemistry: Linear superposition PrinciplePDF unavailable
39Lecture 38 - Introduction to Variational Principle in Quantum ChemistryPDF unavailable
40Lecture 39 - Variational Method: Method of Lagrange MultipliersPDF unavailable
41Lecture 40 - Hydrogen Molecule Ion: The Molecular Orbital MethodPDF unavailable
42Lecture 41 - Hydrogen Molecule Ion: Calculations and ResultsPDF unavailable
43Lecture 42 - Hydrogen Molecule: The Valence Bond MethodPDF unavailable
44Lecture 43 - Hydrogen Molecule: Calculations and Molecular Orbital MethodPDF unavailable
45Lecture 44: Video Tutorials on Angular Momentum (Orbital and Spin) and Variational Method Part 1PDF unavailable
46Lecture 45: Video Tutorials on Angular Momentum (Orbital and Spin) and Variational Method Part 2PDF unavailable
47Lecture 46: Introduction to Quantum Mechanical Perturbation TheoryPDF unavailable
48Lecture 47: First Order Time Independent perturbation Theory for Non-Degenerate statesPDF unavailable
49Lecture 48: First and Second Order Time Independent Perturbation Theory for Non-Degenerate StatesPDF unavailable
50Lecture 49: First and Second Order Time Independent Perturbation Theory: Simple ExamplesPDF unavailable
51Lecture 50: Time Independent Perturbation Theory for Degenerate States: First OrderPDF unavailable
52Lecture 51: General MO method for Homonuclear Diatomic MoleculesPDF unavailable
53Lecture 52: General MO method for Heteronuclear Diatomic MoleculesPDF unavailable
54Lecture 53: Introduction to Hybridization and Valence Bond for Polyatomic MoleculesPDF unavailable
55Lecture 54: HÜckel Molecular Orbital Theory IPDF unavailable
56Lecture 55: HÜckel Molecular Orbital Theory IIPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
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3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
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6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
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