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Sl.No Chapter Name MP4 Download
1Rate ProcessesDownload
2Reaction Rates and Rate LawsDownload
3Effect of Temperature on Reaction RateDownload
4Effect of Temperature on Reaction Rate (Contd.)Download
5Complex ReactionDownload
6Complex Reaction (Contd.)Download
7Complex Reaction (Contd.)Download
8Complex Reaction (Contd.)Download
9Theories of Reaction RateDownload
10Theories of Reaction Rate (Contd.)Download
11Theories of Reaction Rate (Contd.)Download
12Theories of Reaction Rate (Contd.)Download
13Theories of Reaction Rate (Contd.)Download
14Kinetics of Some Specific ReactionsDownload
15Kinetics of Some Specific Reactions (Contd.)Download
16Enzyme InhibitionDownload
17Oscillatory ReactionsDownload
18Acid Base CatalysisDownload
19Acid Base Catalysis (Contd.)Download
20Kinetic Isotope EffectsDownload
21Fast ReactionsDownload
22Fast Reactions (Contd.)Download
23Magneto KineticsDownload
24Reactions in SolutionsDownload
25Reactions in Solutions (Contd.)Download
26Kinetics at ElectrodesDownload
27Kinetics at Electrodes (Contd.)Download
28Ultrafast Process Download
29Ultrafast Process (Contd.)Download
30Ultrafast Process (Contd.)Download
31Reaction DynamicsDownload
32Reaction Dynamics (Contd.)Download
33Reaction Dynamics (Contd.)Download
34Reaction Dynamics : ScatteringDownload
35Reaction Dynamics : Scattering (Contd.)Download
36Reaction Dynamics : Controlling Reagents etcDownload
37Reaction Dynamics : Controlling Reagents etc (Contd.)Download
38Reaction Dynamics : Controlling Reagents etc (Contd.)Download
39Reaction Dynamics : ConcludingDownload
40Concluding Remarks Download

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Rate ProcessesPDF unavailable
2Reaction Rates and Rate LawsPDF unavailable
3Effect of Temperature on Reaction RatePDF unavailable
4Effect of Temperature on Reaction Rate (Contd.)PDF unavailable
5Complex ReactionPDF unavailable
6Complex Reaction (Contd.)PDF unavailable
7Complex Reaction (Contd.)PDF unavailable
8Complex Reaction (Contd.)PDF unavailable
9Theories of Reaction RatePDF unavailable
10Theories of Reaction Rate (Contd.)PDF unavailable
11Theories of Reaction Rate (Contd.)PDF unavailable
12Theories of Reaction Rate (Contd.)PDF unavailable
13Theories of Reaction Rate (Contd.)PDF unavailable
14Kinetics of Some Specific ReactionsPDF unavailable
15Kinetics of Some Specific Reactions (Contd.)PDF unavailable
16Enzyme InhibitionPDF unavailable
17Oscillatory ReactionsPDF unavailable
18Acid Base CatalysisPDF unavailable
19Acid Base Catalysis (Contd.)PDF unavailable
20Kinetic Isotope EffectsPDF unavailable
21Fast ReactionsPDF unavailable
22Fast Reactions (Contd.)PDF unavailable
23Magneto KineticsPDF unavailable
24Reactions in SolutionsPDF unavailable
25Reactions in Solutions (Contd.)PDF unavailable
26Kinetics at ElectrodesPDF unavailable
27Kinetics at Electrodes (Contd.)PDF unavailable
28Ultrafast Process PDF unavailable
29Ultrafast Process (Contd.)PDF unavailable
30Ultrafast Process (Contd.)PDF unavailable
31Reaction DynamicsPDF unavailable
32Reaction Dynamics (Contd.)PDF unavailable
33Reaction Dynamics (Contd.)PDF unavailable
34Reaction Dynamics : ScatteringPDF unavailable
35Reaction Dynamics : Scattering (Contd.)PDF unavailable
36Reaction Dynamics : Controlling Reagents etcPDF unavailable
37Reaction Dynamics : Controlling Reagents etc (Contd.)PDF unavailable
38Reaction Dynamics : Controlling Reagents etc (Contd.)PDF unavailable
39Reaction Dynamics : ConcludingPDF unavailable
40Concluding Remarks PDF unavailable

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