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Introduction to Organic PhotochemistrySelf EvaluationPlease see all questions with answers attached with the last module.25 kb
Application of PhotochemistrySelf EvaluationThis is questionnaire that covers all modules and could be attempted after listening to the full course.92 kb
Application of PhotochemistrySelf EvaluationThis is set of answers with respect to the questionnaire that covers all modules.208 kb

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1Introduction to Organic PhotochemistryPDF unavailable
2Introduction to Organic Photochemistry (Contd.)PDF unavailable
3Reactivity of n-pi*PDF unavailable
4α - cleavage - IPDF unavailable
5α - cleavage - IIPDF unavailable
6α - cleavage - IIIPDF unavailable
7β - cleavagePDF unavailable
8Intramolecular Hydrogen Abstraction - IPDF unavailable
9Intramolecular Hydrogen Abstraction - IIPDF unavailable
10Intramolecular Hydrogen Abstraction - IIIPDF unavailable
11Intramolecular Hydrogen AbstractionPDF unavailable
12Addition to Π - SystemPDF unavailable
13Intramolecular Paterno-Buchi ReactionPDF unavailable
14Energy of Electron Transfer ReactionPDF unavailable
15Reactivity of Π - Π*PDF unavailable
16Addition Reaction of Π - Π*PDF unavailable
17Addition Reaction of Π - Π*(Contd.)PDF unavailable
18Di-Pi Methane RearrangementPDF unavailable
19Photochemistry of CyclohexanonePDF unavailable
20Singlet Oxygen ChemistryPDF unavailable
21Carbenes and NitrenesPDF unavailable
22Remote FunctionalisationPDF unavailable
23Introduction to Pericyclic ReactionPDF unavailable
24Sigmatropic Reactions - IPDF unavailable
25Sigmatropic Reactions - IIPDF unavailable
26Sigmatropic Reactions - IIIPDF unavailable
27Cycloaddition Reactions - IPDF unavailable
28Cycloaddition Reactions - IIPDF unavailable
29Cycloaddition - Diels-Alder ReactionsPDF unavailable
30Cycloaddition - Diels-Alder Reactions (Contd.)PDF unavailable
31Cycloaddition - Ene ReactionsPDF unavailable
321,3 Dipolar Cycloaddition - IPDF unavailable
331,3 Dipolar Cycloaddition - IIPDF unavailable
34Electrocyclic Reaction - IPDF unavailable
35Electrocyclic Reaction - IIPDF unavailable
36Practice Problems in Pericyclic Reaction - IPDF unavailable
37Practice Problems in Pericyclic Reaction - IIPDF unavailable
38Practice Problems in Pericyclic Reaction - IIIPDF unavailable
39Chelotropic ReactionPDF unavailable
40Application of PhotochemistryPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available