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Module 1 - Introduction to Symmetry elements, Symmetry operations and Group TheoryAssignment 1Assignment 1187 kb
Module 2 - Generation of Symmetry Operations from Symmetry Elements; Point Group analysis; Relation Assignment 2Assignment 2211 kb
Module 3 - Introduction to Group Multiplication Tables; Stereographic Projections and Matrix RepreseAssignment 3Assignment 3264 kb
Module 4 - Matrix Representation of Point Group, Introduction to Reducible and Irreducible RepresentAssignment 4Assignment 4204 kb
Module 5 - Constructing Character table using the consequences of GOT, Relation between group theoryAssignment 5Assignment 5247 kb
Module 6- Projection operator, concept of Symmetry Adapted Linear Combination(SALC), concept of LineAssignment 6Assignment 6129 kb
Module7-Molecular Vibrations: Normal modes and their symmetry aspects, Selection rules of fundamentaAssignment 7Assignment 7183 kb
Module8-Electronic TransitionsAssignment 8Assignment 8149 kb

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