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Electronic Structure and Covalent BondingHandout IHandout I382 kb
Acids and BasesHandout IIHandout II111 kb
Alkanes and Alkyl HalidesHandout IIIHandout III303 kb
Alkenes and AlkynesHandout IVHandout IV442 kb
Alcohols, Amines, Ethers and EpoxidesHandout VHandout V354 kb
Carbonyl CompoundsHandout VIHandout VI451 kb
Benzenes and Substituted BenzenesHandout VIIHandout VII322 kb
StereochemistryHandout VIIIHandout VIII465 kb
Methods for Structure DeterminationHandout IXHandout IX283 kb
LipidsHandout XHandout X349 kb
CarbohydratesHandout XIHandout XI327 kb
Amino Acids, Peptides and ProteinsHandout XIIHandout XII1087 kb
Enzymes and VitaminsHandout XIIIHandout XIII236 kb
Nucleic AcidsHandout XIVHandout XIV643 kb
Drug Design and DiscoveryHandout XVHandout XV154 kb
PolymersHandout XVIHandout XVI154 kb
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