Modules / Lectures
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Reactions using Chiral Lewis Acids and Bronsted AcidModule 1Module 1643 kb
Asymmetric Carbon-Carbon Bond Forming ReactionsModule 2Module 2727 kb
Synthesis via C-H ActivationModule 3Module 3334 kb
Carbon-Heteroatom Bond-Forming ReactionsModule 4Module 4474 kb
Oxidation ReactionsModule 5Module 5748 kb
Hydrogenation ReactionsModule 6Module 6692 kb
Reactions in Nonconventional ConditionsModule 7Module 7446 kb
Asymmetric Hydrosilylation and Related ReactionsModule 8Module 8434 kb
Carbonylation ReactionsModule 9Module 9451 kb
OrganocatalysisModule 10Module 10570 kb
Enzyme-Catalyzed Asymmetric ReactionsModule 11Module 11507 kb
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