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1Measurability and controllability of energyDownloadPDF unavailable
2Postulates of thermodynamics - IDownloadPDF unavailable
3Postulates of thermodynamics - II DownloadPDF unavailable
4Definition of intensive variables and driving forces for temperature and pressure flowDownloadPDF unavailable
5Driving force for the matter flowDownloadPDF unavailable
6Driving force for the matter flowDownloadPDF unavailable
7Basic properties, phase diagram, and thermodynamic table DownloadPDF unavailable
8Work, and heatDownloadPDF unavailable
9First law of thermodynamics for closed system: Ideal gas behaviorDownloadPDF unavailable
10First law of thermodynamics: Example 1DownloadPDF unavailable
11First law of thermodynamics for open systemDownloadPDF unavailable
12First law of thermodynamics: Example 2 DownloadPDF unavailable
13The second law of the thermodynamics: ReviewDownloadPDF unavailable
14Carnot cycle and thermodynamic temperatureDownloadPDF unavailable
15The concept of entropyDownloadPDF unavailable
16Maximum work and entropy of ideal gasDownloadPDF unavailable
17Power cycles and examples DownloadPDF unavailable
18Mathematical properties of fundamental equationsDownloadPDF unavailable
19Generalized thermodynamic potential -IDownloadPDF unavailable
20Generalized thermodynamic potential -IIDownloadPDF unavailable
21Multivariable CalculusDownloadPDF unavailable
22Maxwell's relations and examples DownloadPDF unavailable
23Jacobian method and its applications DownloadPDF unavailable
24Equilibrium and stability-I DownloadPDF unavailable
25Equilibrium and stability-IIDownloadPDF unavailable
26Stability criteria DownloadPDF unavailable
27Intrinsic stability of thermodynamic systemDownloadPDF unavailable
28Phase transitions DownloadPDF unavailable
29Clapeyron Equation and Vapour Pressure Correlations DownloadPDF unavailable
30Equation of stateDownloadPDF unavailable
31Equation of state (Continue)DownloadPDF unavailable
32Repulsive InteractionDownloadPDF unavailable
33FugacityDownloadPDF unavailable
34Thermodynamics of mixturesDownloadPDF unavailable
35Partial molar properties and examplesDownloadPDF unavailable
36Examples of partial molar properties for real processesDownloadPDF unavailable
37Obtaining the partial molar properties from experimental data DownloadPDF unavailable
38Partial molar properties of ideal gas mixtures DownloadPDF unavailable
39Chemical potential of ideal gas mixturesDownloadPDF unavailable
40Fugacity coefficient in terms of measurable propertiesDownloadPDF unavailable
41Fugacity coefficient for mixtures DownloadPDF unavailable
42Fugacity coefficient for ideal mixturesDownloadPDF unavailable