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1Lec 1: Introduction of Particulate SolidsDownloadPDF unavailable
2Lec 2: Particle SizeDownloadPDF unavailable
3Lec 3: Particle Shape and DensityDownloadPDF unavailable
4Lec 4: ScreeningDownloadPDF unavailable
5Lec 5: Size Analysis by ScreeningDownloadPDF unavailable
6Lec 6: Screening Equipment, Effectiveness and CapacityDownloadPDF unavailable
7Lec 7: Methods of Size ReductionDownloadPDF unavailable
8Lec 8: Equipment for Size Reduction - CrushersDownloadPDF unavailable
9Lec 9: Equipment for Size Reduction - GridnersDownloadPDF unavailable
10Lec 10: Equipment for Size Reduction - Ultrafine Grinders and Cutting MachinesDownloadPDF unavailable
11Lec 11: Storage of Bulk SolidsDownloadPDF unavailable
12Lec 12: Solids Flow Out and their Flow PatternsDownloadPDF unavailable
13Lec 13: Conveying of Bulk SolidsDownloadPDF unavailable
14Lec 14: Size Enlargement MethodsDownloadPDF unavailable
15Lec 15: Size Enlargement Equipment - 1DownloadPDF unavailable
16Lec 16: Size Enlargement Equipment - 2DownloadPDF unavailable
17Lec 17: Flow past Immersed Solid ObjectsDownloadPDF unavailable
18Lec 18: Motion of Particles through FluidsDownloadPDF unavailable
19Lec 19: Motion of Particles through Fluids-2DownloadPDF unavailable
20Lec 20: Motion of Particles through Fluids-3DownloadPDF unavailable
21Lec 21: Flow through Beds of Solids - 1DownloadPDF unavailable
22Lec 22: Flow through Beds of Solids - 2DownloadPDF unavailable
23Lec 23: Flow through Fluidized Beds - 1DownloadPDF unavailable
24Lec 24: Flow through Fluidized Beds - 2DownloadPDF unavailable
25Lec 25: FiltrationDownloadPDF unavailable
26Lec 26: Principles of Cake FiltrationDownloadPDF unavailable
27Lec 27: Principles of Cake Filtration-2DownloadPDF unavailable
28Lec 28: Filtration EquipmentDownloadPDF unavailable