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1Lec 1: Introduction and Overview on Reaction EngineeringDownloadPDF unavailable
2Lec 2: Kinetics of Homogeneous ReactionsDownloadPDF unavailable
3Lec 3: Kinetic Model and Temperature DependencyDownloadPDF unavailable
4Lec 4: Introduction and Stoichiometry for the Batch SystemDownloadPDF unavailable
5Lec 5: Stoichiometry for Constant Volume Flow and Variable Volume Batch SystemsDownloadPDF unavailable
6Lec 6: Stoichiometry for Variable Volume Flow SystemDownloadPDF unavailable
7Lec 7: Analysis of Batch Reactor Kinetic DataDownloadPDF unavailable
8Lec 8: Intregal Method of Analysis of Batch Reactor Data: Part 1DownloadPDF unavailable
9Lec 9: Intregal Method of Analysis of Batch Reactor Data: Part 2DownloadPDF unavailable
10Lec 10: Differential Method of Analysis and Variable Volume Batch Reactor Data DownloadPDF unavailable
11Lec 11: Introduction and Ideal Batch Reactor DesignDownloadPDF unavailable
12Lec 12: Ideal Mixed Flow Reactor DesignDownloadPDF unavailable
13Lec 13: Ideal Plug Flow Reactor DesignDownloadPDF unavailable
14Lec 14: Size Comparisn of Single and Multiple ReactorsDownloadPDF unavailable
15Lec 15: Size Comaprison Multiple ReactorsDownloadPDF unavailable
16Lec 16: Recycle and Autocatalytic ReactorsDownloadPDF unavailable
17Lec 17: Design for Parallel ReactionsDownloadPDF unavailable
18Lec 18: Design for Series ReactionsDownloadPDF unavailable
19Lec 19: Design for Series-Parallel ReactionsDownloadPDF unavailable
20Lec 20: Denbigh Reactions and Their Special CasesDownloadPDF unavailable