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Fundamentals of Transport Processes - IIQuestions for the whole courseQuestions for the whole course116
Fundamentals of Transport Processes - IISolutions for the QuestionsSolutions for the Questions156

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11.Review of Fundamentals of Transport Processors IDownload
33.Vectors and TensorsDownload
44.Vector calculusDownload
55.Vector calculusDownload
66.Curvilinear co-ordinatesDownload
88.Rate of deformation tensorDownload
99.Mass conservation equationDownload
1010.Momentum conservation equationDownload
1111.Angular momentum conservation equationDownload
1212.Boundary conditionsDownload
1313.Mechanical energy conservationDownload
1414.Unidirectional flowDownload
1515.Viscous flowsDownload
1616.Viscous flowsDownload
1717.Flow around a sphereDownload
1818.Force on moving sphereDownload
1919.Torque on rotating sphereDownload
2020.Effective viscosity of a suspensionDownload
2121.Flow in a cornerDownload
2222.Lubrication flowDownload
2323.Lubrication flowDownload
2424.Inertia of a low Reynolds numberDownload
2525.Potential flowDownload
2626.Potential flow around a sphereDownload
2727.Two-dimensional potential flowDownload
2828.Two-dimensional potential flowDownload
2929.Flow around a cylinderDownload
3030.Conformal transforms in potential flowDownload
3131.Boundary layer theoryDownload
3232.Boundary layer past a flat plateDownload
3333.Stagnation point flowDownload
3434.Falkner-Skan Boundary Layer SolutionsDownload
3535.Falkner-Skan Boundary Layer SolutionsDownload
3636.Vorticity DynamicsDownload
3737.Vorticity DynamicsDownload
4040.Turbulent flow in a channelDownload

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11.Review of Fundamentals of Transport Processors IPDF unavailable
22.IntroductionPDF unavailable
33.Vectors and TensorsPDF unavailable
44.Vector calculusPDF unavailable
55.Vector calculusPDF unavailable
66.Curvilinear co-ordinatesPDF unavailable
77.KinematicsPDF unavailable
88.Rate of deformation tensorPDF unavailable
99.Mass conservation equationPDF unavailable
1010.Momentum conservation equationPDF unavailable
1111.Angular momentum conservation equationPDF unavailable
1212.Boundary conditionsPDF unavailable
1313.Mechanical energy conservationPDF unavailable
1414.Unidirectional flowPDF unavailable
1515.Viscous flowsPDF unavailable
1616.Viscous flowsPDF unavailable
1717.Flow around a spherePDF unavailable
1818.Force on moving spherePDF unavailable
1919.Torque on rotating spherePDF unavailable
2020.Effective viscosity of a suspensionPDF unavailable
2121.Flow in a cornerPDF unavailable
2222.Lubrication flowPDF unavailable
2323.Lubrication flowPDF unavailable
2424.Inertia of a low Reynolds numberPDF unavailable
2525.Potential flowPDF unavailable
2626.Potential flow around a spherePDF unavailable
2727.Two-dimensional potential flowPDF unavailable
2828.Two-dimensional potential flowPDF unavailable
2929.Flow around a cylinderPDF unavailable
3030.Conformal transforms in potential flowPDF unavailable
3131.Boundary layer theoryPDF unavailable
3232.Boundary layer past a flat platePDF unavailable
3333.Stagnation point flowPDF unavailable
3434.Falkner-Skan Boundary Layer SolutionsPDF unavailable
3535.Falkner-Skan Boundary Layer SolutionsPDF unavailable
3636.Vorticity DynamicsPDF unavailable
3737.Vorticity DynamicsPDF unavailable
3838.TurbulencePDF unavailable
3939.TurbulencePDF unavailable
4040.Turbulent flow in a channelPDF unavailable

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