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Dimensional analysisLecture Notes for Whole CourseLecture Notes for Whole Course7192 kb

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1IntroductionPDF unavailable
2Dimensional AnalysisPDF unavailable
3Dimensional Analysis contd.PDF unavailable
4Dimensionless GroupsPDF unavailable
5Continuum descriptionPDF unavailable
6Mechanisms of diffusion - IPDF unavailable
7Mechanisms of diffusion - IIPDF unavailable
8Unidirectional Transport Cartesian Coordinates - IPDF unavailable
9Unidirectional Transport Cartesian Coordinates - II Similarity SolutionsPDF unavailable
10Unidirectional Transport Cartesian Coordinates - III Similarity SolutionsPDF unavailable
11Unidirectional Transport Cartesian Coordinates - IV Seperation of VariablesPDF unavailable
12Unidirectional Transport Cartesian Coordinates - V Seperation of VariablesPDF unavailable
13Unidirectional Transport Cartesian Coordinates - VI Oscillatory FlowsPDF unavailable
14Unidirectional Transport Cartesian Coordinates - VII Momentum Source in the FlowPDF unavailable
15Unidirectional Transport Cartesian Coordinates - VIII Heat & Mass SourcesPDF unavailable
16Unidirectional Transport Cylindrical Coordinates - I Conservation EquationsPDF unavailable
17Unidirectional Transport Cylindrical Coordinates - II Similarity SolutionsPDF unavailable
18Unidirectional Transport Cylindrical Coordinates - III Seperation of VariablesPDF unavailable
19Unidirectional Transport Cylindrical Coordinates - IV Steady flow in a pipePDF unavailable
20Unidirectional Transport Cylindrical Coordinates - V Oscillatory flow in a pipePDF unavailable
21Unidirectional Transport Cylindrical Coordinates - VI Oscillatory flow in a pipe Regular Perturbation ExpansionPDF unavailable
22Unidirectional Transport Cylindrical Coordinates - VII Oscillatory flow in a pipe Singular Perturbation ExpansionPDF unavailable
23Unidirectional Transport Spherical Coordinates - I Balance EquationPDF unavailable
24Unidirectional Transport Spherical Coordinates - II Seperation of VariablesPDF unavailable
25Mass & Energy Conservation Cartesian CoordinatesPDF unavailable
26Mass & Energy Conservation Cartesian Coordinates Heat Conduction in a CubePDF unavailable
27Mass & Energy Conservation Spherical Coordinates Balance LawsPDF unavailable
28Mass & Energy Conservation Cylindrical CoordinatesPDF unavailable
29Diffusion Equation Spherical Co-ordinates Seperation of VariablesPDF unavailable
30Diffusion Equation Spherical Co-ordinates Seperation of Variables contd.PDF unavailable
31Diffusion Equation Spherical Co-ordinates Effective Conductivity of a CompositePDF unavailable
32Diffusion Equation Spherical HarmonicsPDF unavailable
33Diffusion Equation Delta FunctionsPDF unavailable
34Diffusion Equation Multipole ExpansionsPDF unavailable
35Diffusion Equation Greens Function FormulationsPDF unavailable
36High Peclet Number Transport Flow Past a Flat PlatePDF unavailable
37High Peclet Number Transport Heat Transfer from a Spherical Particle - IPDF unavailable
38High Peclet Number Transport Heat Transfer from a Spherical Particle - IIPDF unavailable
39High Peclet Number Transport Heat Transfer from a Gas BubblePDF unavailable
40SummaryPDF unavailable

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