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2Classification of exchangers-1 Download
3Classification of exchangers-2 Download
4Basic Design Parameters-1 Download
5Basic Design Parameters-2 Download
6Double Pipe Heat Exchanger-1 Download
7Double Pipe Heat Exchanger-2 Download
8Double Pipe Heat Exchanger-3 Download
9Types of Shell and Tube exchangers Download
10Exchanger Tubes Download
11Exchanger ShellDownload
12STE design- Kern’s method-1Download
13STE design- Kern’s method-2Download
14STE design- Kern’s method-3Download
15STE design- Kern’s method: Example-4Download
16STE design- Kern’s method: Example-5Download
17STE design- Bell’s method-1Download
18STE design- Bell’s method-2Download
19STE design- Bell’s method-3Download
20STE design – Bell’s method: Example-4Download
21STE design – Bell’s method: Example-5Download
22Design of Condenser-1Download
23Design of Condenser-2Download
24Design of Condenser-3Download
25Design of Condenser-4Download
26Design of Condenser-5 Download
27Design of Reboiler-1 Download
28Design of Reboiler-2 Download
29Design of Reboiler-3 Download
30Design of Reboiler-4 Download
31Design of Reboiler-5Download
32Design of Reboiler-6Download
33Design of Reboiler-7Download
34Design of Evaporator-1Download
35Design of Evaporator-2Download
36Design of Evaporator-3Download
37Design of Evaporator-4Download
38Design of Evaporator-5Download
39Design of Crystallizer-1Download
40Design of Crystallizer-2Download
41Design of Crystallizer – ExamplesDownload
42Design of Crystallizer – TypesDownload
43Design of Packed Column-1Download
44Design of Packed Column-2Download
45Design of Packed Column-3Download
46Design of Packed Column-4Download
47Design of Packed Column-5Download
48Distillation Column – 1Download
49Distillation Column – 2Download
50Distillation Column – 3Download
51Distillation Column – 4Download
52Distillation Column – 5Download
53Distillation Column – 6Download
54Distillation Column – 7Download
55Distillation Column – 8Download
56Distillation Column – Mechanical Design-1Download
57Distillation Column – Mechanical Design-2Download
58Distillation Column – Mechanical Design-3Download
59Distillation Column – Mechanical Design-4Download
60Distillation Column – Mechanical Design-5Download

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1IntroductionPDF unavailable
2Classification of exchangers-1 PDF unavailable
3Classification of exchangers-2 PDF unavailable
4Basic Design Parameters-1 PDF unavailable
5Basic Design Parameters-2 PDF unavailable
6Double Pipe Heat Exchanger-1 PDF unavailable
7Double Pipe Heat Exchanger-2 PDF unavailable
8Double Pipe Heat Exchanger-3 PDF unavailable
9Types of Shell and Tube exchangers PDF unavailable
10Exchanger Tubes PDF unavailable
11Exchanger ShellPDF unavailable
12STE design- Kern’s method-1PDF unavailable
13STE design- Kern’s method-2PDF unavailable
14STE design- Kern’s method-3PDF unavailable
15STE design- Kern’s method: Example-4PDF unavailable
16STE design- Kern’s method: Example-5PDF unavailable
17STE design- Bell’s method-1PDF unavailable
18STE design- Bell’s method-2PDF unavailable
19STE design- Bell’s method-3PDF unavailable
20STE design – Bell’s method: Example-4PDF unavailable
21STE design – Bell’s method: Example-5PDF unavailable
22Design of Condenser-1PDF unavailable
23Design of Condenser-2PDF unavailable
24Design of Condenser-3PDF unavailable
25Design of Condenser-4PDF unavailable
26Design of Condenser-5 PDF unavailable
27Design of Reboiler-1 PDF unavailable
28Design of Reboiler-2 PDF unavailable
29Design of Reboiler-3 PDF unavailable
30Design of Reboiler-4 PDF unavailable
31Design of Reboiler-5PDF unavailable
32Design of Reboiler-6PDF unavailable
33Design of Reboiler-7PDF unavailable
34Design of Evaporator-1PDF unavailable
35Design of Evaporator-2PDF unavailable
36Design of Evaporator-3PDF unavailable
37Design of Evaporator-4PDF unavailable
38Design of Evaporator-5PDF unavailable
39Design of Crystallizer-1PDF unavailable
40Design of Crystallizer-2PDF unavailable
41Design of Crystallizer – ExamplesPDF unavailable
42Design of Crystallizer – TypesPDF unavailable
43Design of Packed Column-1PDF unavailable
44Design of Packed Column-2PDF unavailable
45Design of Packed Column-3PDF unavailable
46Design of Packed Column-4PDF unavailable
47Design of Packed Column-5PDF unavailable
48Distillation Column – 1PDF unavailable
49Distillation Column – 2PDF unavailable
50Distillation Column – 3PDF unavailable
51Distillation Column – 4PDF unavailable
52Distillation Column – 5PDF unavailable
53Distillation Column – 6PDF unavailable
54Distillation Column – 7PDF unavailable
55Distillation Column – 8PDF unavailable
56Distillation Column – Mechanical Design-1PDF unavailable
57Distillation Column – Mechanical Design-2PDF unavailable
58Distillation Column – Mechanical Design-3PDF unavailable
59Distillation Column – Mechanical Design-4PDF unavailable
60Distillation Column – Mechanical Design-5PDF unavailable

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