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Assignment 2Assignment 2
PC - Assignment 1 questions and answersPC - Assignment 1 questions and answers
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Module 02Shape CharacterizationShape Characterization48 kb
Module 03Size CharacterizationSize Characterization55 kb
Module 04Structural CharacterizationStructural Characterization41 kb
Module 05Interfacial CharacterizationInterfacial Characterization42 kb
Module 06Surface Adhesion CharacteristicsSurface Adhesion Characteristics43 kb
Module 07Particle Removal CharacteristicsParticle Removal Characteristics44 kb
Module 08Particle Cohesion CharacteristicsParticle Cohesion Characteristics42 kb
Module 09Transport CharacteristicsTransport Characteristics48 kb
Module 10Chemical CharacterizationChemical Characterization43 kb
Module 11Nano-Particle CharacterizationNano-Particle Characterization48 kb
Module 12Functional Effects & CharacterizationFunctional Effects & Characterization57 kb
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Module 01Lecture 1 QuizParticle Characterization54 kb
Module 01Lecture 2 QuizParticle Characterization52 kb
Module 02Lecture 3 QuizParticle Characterization56 kb
Module 02Lecture 4 QuizParticle Characterization58 kb
Module 02Lecture 5 QuizParticle Characterization56 kb
Module 03Lecture 6 QuizParticle Characterization57 kb
Module 03Lecture 7 QuizParticle Characterization57 kb
Module 03Lecture 8 QuizParticle Characterization57 kb
Module 03Lecture 9 QuizParticle Characterization55 kb
Module 03Lecture 10 QuizParticle Characterization57 kb
Module 03Lecture 11 QuizParticle Characterization57 kb
Module 03Lecture 12 QuizParticle Characterization54 kb
Module 04Lecture 13 QuizParticle Characterization57 kb
Module 05Lecture 14 QuizParticle Characterization57 kb
Module 06Lecture 15 QuizParticle Characterization59 kb
Module 06Lecture 16 QuizParticle Characterization61 kb
Module 06Lecture 17 QuizParticle Characterization57 kb
Module 07Lecture 18 QuizParticle Characterization57 kb
Module 07Lecture 19 QuizParticle Characterization60 kb
Module 08Lecture 20 QuizParticle Characterization56 kb
Module 08Lecture 21 QuizParticle Characterization56 kb
Module 09Lecture 22 QuizParticle Characterization56 kb
Module 09Lecture 23 QuizParticle Characterization56 kb
Module 09Lecture 24 QuizParticle Characterization56 kb
Module 09Lecture 25 QuizParticle Characterization56 kb
Module 10Lecture 26 QuizParticle Characterization57 kb
Module 10Lecture 27 QuizParticle Characterization58 kb
Module 10Lecture 28 QuizParticle Characterization58 kb
Module 11Lecture 29 QuizParticle Characterization55 kb
Module 11Lecture 30 QuizParticle Characterization56 kb
Module 11Lecture 31 QuizParticle Characterization56 kb
Module 11Lecture 32 QuizParticle Characterization58 kb
Module 12Lecture 33 QuizParticle Characterization59 kb
Module 12Lecture 34 QuizParticle Characterization63 kb
Module 12Lecture 35 QuizParticle Characterization57 kb
Module 12Lecture 36 QuizParticle Characterization57 kb
Module 12Lecture 37 QuizParticle Characterization57 kb
Module 12Lecture 38 QuizParticle Characterization56 kb
Module 12Lecture 39 QuizParticle Characterization57 kb

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1Introduction: Why study particle characterization?Download
2Introduction: Classification of particle characteristicsDownload
3Morphological Characterization: Shape analysis methodsDownload
4Morphological Characterization: Techniques of shape assessment Download
5Morphological Characterization: Decision rulesDownload
6Morphological Characterization: Static vs dynamic methods of size analysisDownload
7Morphological Characterization: Static methods of size analysisDownload
8Morphological Characterization: Light scattering from spherical particlesDownload
9Morphological Characterization: Particle countersDownload
10Morphological Characterization: Particle size distributionsDownload
11Morphological Characterization: Acoustic Attenuation SpectroscopyDownload
12Morphological Characterization: Nano-particle size analysisDownload
13Structural CharacterizationDownload
14Interfacial CharacterizationDownload
15Surface Adhesion: ForcesDownload
16Surface Adhesion: Electrostatic & Surface-Tension ForcesDownload
17Surface Adhesion: Adhesion Force MeasurementDownload
18Particle Removal: MethodsDownload
19Particle Removal: Wet CleaningDownload
20Particle Cohesion: ForcesDownload
21Particle Cohesion: Flowability ImplicationsPDF unavailable
22Transport Properties: Diffusion & Electrostatic Field EffectsPDF unavailable
23Transport Properties: Drag & InertiaPDF unavailable
24Transport Properties: Deposition Fluxes & RatesPDF unavailable
25Transport Properties: Illustrative ApplicationPDF unavailable
26Chemical & Compositional Characterization: ReactivityPDF unavailable
27Chemical & Compositional Characterization: Analytical MethodsPDF unavailable
28Chemical & Compositional Characterization: XRD & AFMPDF unavailable
29Nano-particle Characterization: Bottom-Up Synthesis MethodsPDF unavailable
30Nano-particle Characterization: Top-Down Synthesis MethodsPDF unavailable
31Nano-particle Characterization: DispersionPDF unavailable
32Nano-particle Characterization: Properties & TechniquesPDF unavailable
33Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: Nano-FluidsPDF unavailable
34Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: FiltrationPDF unavailable
35Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: CleanroomsPDF unavailable
36Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: High-Technology ManufacturingPDF unavailable
37Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: ExplosivityPDF unavailable
38Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: Environment & Human HealthPDF unavailable
39Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: Other ApplicationsPDF unavailable
40SummaryPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
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