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Module 1Overview & "Bulb Blackening" ExampleOverview & "Bulb Blackening" Example82049 kb
Module 1Overview & "Hot Corrosion" ExampleOverview & "Hot Corrosion" Example7917 kb
Module 2Transport Laws: Assumptions & Control VolumesTransport Laws: Assumptions & Control Volumes2958 kb
Module 2Conservation Principles: Mass ConservationConservation Principles: Mass Conservation1496 kb
Module 2Conservation Principles: Momentum & Energy ConservationConservation Principles: Momentum & Energy Conservation2443 kb
Module 2Conservation Principles: Entropy ConservationConservation Principles: Entropy Conservation1114 kb
Module 2Conservation Equations: Alternative FormulationsConservation Equations: Alternative Formulations1287 kb
Module 2Conservation Equations: Across Discontinuities, Turbulent Flows & Multiphase FlowsConservation Equations: Across Discontinuities, Turbulent Flows & Multiphase Flows1703 kb
Module 3Constitutive Laws: Momentum TransferConstitutive Laws: Momentum Transfer1239 kb
Module 3Constitutive Laws: Energy & Mass TransferConstitutive Laws: Energy & Mass Transfer1245 kb
Module 3Constitutive Laws: Illustrative ProblemsConstitutive Laws: Illustrative Problems1240 kb
Module 4Momentum Transport: Steady Compressible Fluid FlowMomentum Transport: Steady Compressible Fluid Flow1359 kb
Module 4Momentum Transport: Shock WavesMomentum Transport: Shock Waves1810 kb
Module 4Momentum Transport: Flow over a Solid WallMomentum Transport: Flow over a Solid Wall1601 kb
Module 4Momentum Transport: Steady Laminar FlowMomentum Transport: Steady Laminar Flow1276 kb
Module 4Momentum Transport: Flow in Porous Media & Packed BedsMomentum Transport: Flow in Porous Media & Packed Beds1553 kb
Module 4Momentum Transport: Illustrative ProblemsMomentum Transport: Illustrative Problems1339 kb
Module 5Energy Transport: Flow Past Hot SphereEnergy Transport: Flow Past Hot Sphere1395 kb
Module 5Energy Transport: Steady-State Heat ConductionEnergy Transport: Steady-State Heat Conduction1388 kb
Module 5Energy Transport: Transient Heat DiffusionEnergy Transport: Transient Heat Diffusion1522 kb
Module 5Energy Transport: Convective Heat TransferEnergy Transport: Convective Heat Transfer2230 kb
Module 5Energy Transport: Analogy to Momentum TransferEnergy Transport: Analogy to Momentum Transfer1140 kb
Module 5Energy Transport: Radiation & Illustrative ProblemsEnergy Transport: Radiation & Illustrative Problems2390 kb
Module 6Mass Transport: Ideal Reactors & Transport MechanismsMass Transport: Ideal Reactors & Transport Mechanisms1404 kb
Module 6Mass Transport: Composite Planar SlabMass Transport: Composite Planar Slab1258 kb
Module 6Mass Transport: Diffusion with Chemical ReactionMass Transport: Diffusion with Chemical Reaction1641 kb
Module 6Mass Transport: Two-Phase FlowMass Transport: Two-Phase Flow1429 kb
Module 6Mass Transport: Non-Ideal Flow ReactorsMass Transport: Non-Ideal Flow Reactors2089 kb
Module 6Mass Transport: Illustrative ProblemsMass Transport: Illustrative Problems1009 kb
Module 7Similitude Analysis: Dimensional AnalysisSimilitude Analysis: Dimensional Analysis1293 kb
Module 7Similitude Analysis: Full & PartialSimilitude Analysis: Full & Partial1713 kb
Module 7Similitude Analysis: Flame Flashback, Blowoff & HeightSimilitude Analysis: Flame Flashback, Blowoff & Height1566 kb
Module 7Similitude Analysis: Illustrative ProblemsSimilitude Analysis: Illustrative Problems932 kb
Module 8Problem Solving Techniques, Aids, PhilosophyProblem Solving Techniques, Aids, Philosophy2048 kb
Module 8Illustrative Example: Flame PropagationIllustrative Example: Flame Propagation4930 kb
Module 8Outline of Numerical Solution MethodsOutline of Numerical Solution Methods984 kb
Module 8Illustrative Example: Protective Oxide Dissolution on GT BladesIllustrative Example: Protective Oxide Dissolution on GT Blades947 kb
Module 9Student Exercises: True/ False QuestionsStudent Exercises: True/ False Questions937 kb
Module 9Students Exercises: Numerical Questions (Modules 1-5)Students Exercises: Numerical Questions (Modules 1-5)1125 kb
Module 9Students Exercises: Numerical Questions (Modules 6-8)Students Exercises: Numerical Questions (Modules 6-8)941 kb
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