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IntroductionLecture1.pdfpdf of lecture197 kb
IntroductionLecture2.pdfpdf of lecture298 kb
Fluid StaticsLecture3.pdfpdf of lecture394 kb
Fluid StaticsLecture4.pdfpdf of lecture473 kb
Fluid StaticsLecture5.pdfpdf of lecture5102 kb
Hydrostatic forces on submerged bodiesLecture6.pdfpdf of lecture6130 kb
Hydrostatic forces on submerged bodiesLecture7.pdfpdf of lecture7114 kb
Hydrostatic forces on submerged bodiesLecture8.pdfpdf of lecture8111 kb
Fluid DynamicsLecture9.pdfpdf of lecture965 kb
Fluid DynamicsLecture10.pdfpdf of lecture1077 kb
Reynolds Transport TheoremLecture11.pdfpdf of lecture1178 kb
Reynolds Transport TheoremLecture12.pdfpdf of lecture12135 kb
Reynolds Transport TheoremLecture13.pdfpdf of lecture13101 kb
Reynolds Transport TheoremLecture14.pdfpdf of lecture14130 kb
Reynolds Transport TheoremLecture15.pdfpdf of lecture15178 kb
Navier-Stokes EquationLecture16.pdfpdf of lecture16151 kb
Navier-Stokes EquationLecture17.pdfpdf of lecture1783 kb
Navier-Stokes EquationLecture18.pdfpdf of lecture18116 kb
Energy conservationLecture19.pdfpdf of lecture19108 kb
Energy conservationLecture20.pdfpdf of lecture20103 kb
Energy conservationLecture21.pdfpdf of lecture21120 kb
Energy conservationLecture22.pdfpdf of lecture22129 kb
Energy conservationLecture23.pdfpdf of lecture2391 kb
Energy conservationLecture24.pdfpdf of lecture2497 kb
Energy conservationLecture25.pdfpdf of lecture2589 kb
Flow at low and high Reynolds numbersLecture26.pdfpdf of lecture2684 kb
Flow at low and high Reynolds numbersLecture27.pdfpdf of lecture27106 kb
Flow at low and high Reynolds numbersLecture28.pdfpdf of lecture2887 kb
Packed bedsLecture29.pdfpdf of lecture29121 kb
Packed bedsLecture30.pdfpdf of lecture30109 kb
Packed bedsLecture31.pdfpdf of lecture31132 kb
Packed bedsLecture32.pdfpdf of lecture3282 kb
Packed bedsLecture33.pdfpdf of lecture3393 kb
Packed bedsLecture34.pdfpdf of lecture34109 kb
FiltrationLecture35.pdfpdf of lecture35109 kb
FiltrationLecture36.pdfpdf of lecture36125 kb
FiltrationLecture37.pdfpdf of lecture37130 kb
Dimensional analysis and similitudeLecture38.pdfpdf of lecture3874 kb
Dimensional analysis and similitudeLecture39.pdfpdf of lecture3991 kb
AgitationLecture40.pdfpdf of lecture40146 kb
CycloneLecture41.pdfpdf of lecture41125 kb
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Introductionreference.pdfpdf for reference16 kb