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1General Introduction DefinitionsPDF unavailable
2General Introduction, Definitions, Surface TensionPDF unavailable
3Surface Tension Free Energies and AdsorptionPDF unavailable
4Properties over Curved SurfacesPDF unavailable
5Total Surface EnergyPDF unavailable
6Interfacial Tension Entropy, Cohesion, AdhesionPDF unavailable
7Cohesion, Adhesion and SpreadingPDF unavailable
8Spreading from Liquids and SolidsPDF unavailable
9Spreading, Interfacial Tensions, Surface TensionsPDF unavailable
10Spreading, Contact Angles Free EnergiesPDF unavailable
11Spreading / Contact Angles Rough Surfaces, Free EnergiesPDF unavailable
12Spreading / Contact Angles Work of Adhesion, De-wettingPDF unavailable
13Work of Adhesion, Surface and Interfacial TensionsPDF unavailable
14Surface and Interfacial Tensions: Drop Weight and Wilhelmy Plate MethodsPDF unavailable
15Surface and Interfacial Tensions: Wilhelmy Plate, Pendant Drop and Maximum Bubble Pressure MethodsPDF unavailable
16Wetting Balance Method Spreading Coefficient Work of Adhesion Sessile Drop Method , Positive SPDF unavailable
17Indirect and Direct Methods for Positive S, Adhesion Energies Interfacial PotentialsPDF unavailable
18Surface and Interfacial Potentials Distribution and Contact PotentialsPDF unavailable
19Diffusion Potential Surface and Interfacial Potentials Components of Contact PotentialPDF unavailable
20Electrically Charged Monolayers Gouy TheoryPDF unavailable
21Equations of State, Cohesion Repulsion, Limiting AreaPDF unavailable
22Condensed and Liquid Expanded Monolayers Phase TransformationsPDF unavailable
23Films of Polymers Molecular Weight, Surface Viscosity Drag, Canal MethodPDF unavailable
24Canal Method Joly\'s Semi-Empirical Correction Rotational Torsional Surface Viscometer Compressional ModuliPDF unavailable
25Magnitudes of Surface Compressional Moduli Surface Waves and RipplesPDF unavailable
26Surface waves and Ripples, Velocity Effect of Surface Tension and Surface Compressional Modulus Rates of adsorption and absorption DampingPDF unavailable
27surface waves and ripples,velocity effect of surface tension and surface compressional modulus damping for clean and contaminated,surfaces,fiber from monolayersPDF unavailable
28Shear Elastic Moduli,Yield Stress Fibres from MLs, Surface ReactionsPDF unavailable
29Surface Reactions, Comparison with Bulk-Phase Reactions Steric Factors, InhibitionPDF unavailable
30Hydrolyses of Esters by Alkali Acid or Enzyme Photochemical Reactions in Monolayers Polymerization in MLs, LactonizationPDF unavailable
31Catalytic Effects Reactions in Emulsions Complex FormationPDF unavailable
32Complex Formation Penetration into Monolayers Thermodynamics of Penetration Adsorption from Vapour Phase Mass TransferPDF unavailable
33Introductory Concepts Resistances and their Magnitudes Evaporation and its RetardationPDF unavailable
34Evaporation and its Retardation Resistances and their Analysis Diffusional Resistance in Gas Phase PDF unavailable
35Resistances in Liquid Phase and Interface and Their Importance Some Effects and Applications, TheoryPDF unavailable
36Surface Instability Theories of Mass Transfer Experiments on static and Dynamic SystemsPDF unavailable
37Colloida, Aerosols, Emulsions Foams, Coagulation Smoluchowski\\\'s TheoryPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
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4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available