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Week 1: IntroductionWeek 1:Assignment question & solutionWeek 1:Assignment question & solution31 kb
Week 2: Tree formWeek 2:Assignment question & solutionWeek 2:Assignment question & solution27 kb
Week 3: Tree DiameterWeek 3:Assignment question & solutionWeek 3:Assignment question & solution29 kb
Week 4: Tree HeightWeek 4:Assignment question & solutionWeek 4:Assignment question & solution29 kb
Week 5: Tree canopyWeek 5:Assignment question & solutionWeek 5:Assignment question & solution25 kb
Week 6: Basal AreaWeek 6:Assignment question & solutionWeek 6:Assignment question & solution29 kb
Week 7: VolumeWeek 7:Assignment question & solutionWeek 7:Assignment question & solution41 kb
Week 8: Measurement of other attributesWeek 8:Assignment question & solutionWeek 8:Assignment question & solution27 kb

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1Lecture 01: IntroductionDownloadPDF unavailable
2Lecture 02: Recap of formulae: area and volumeDownloadPDF unavailable
3Lecture 03: Recap of trigonometryDownloadPDF unavailable
4Lecture 04: Measurment of central tendency and dispersionDownloadPDF unavailable
5Lecture 05: Graphical presentation of dataDownloadPDF unavailable
6Lecture 06: Shape of a tree: Form and TaperDownloadPDF unavailable
7Lecture 07: Metzgers theoryDownloadPDF unavailable
8Lecture 08: Form factor and form quotientsDownloadPDF unavailable
9Lecture 09: Taper equationsDownloadPDF unavailable
10Lecture 10: Making the cuts DownloadPDF unavailable
11Lecture 11: Cross-section of a treeDownloadPDF unavailable
12Lecture 12: Where to measure the diameterDownloadPDF unavailable
13Lecture 13: Callipers - Usages and IssuesDownloadPDF unavailable
14Lecture 14: Tape: Usage and issueDownloadPDF unavailable
15Lecturer 15: Measurement of bark and growth ringsDownloadPDF unavailable
16Lecture 16: Tree height: Direct and indirect measurementsDownloadPDF unavailable
17Lecture 17: Method of similar triangles: Shadow and sticksDownloadPDF unavailable
18Lecture 18: Distance measurements: foot, tape and rangefinderDownloadPDF unavailable
19Lecture 19: Angular measurement DownloadPDF unavailable
20Lecture 20: LIDARDownloadPDF unavailable
21Lecture 21: Canopy attributes - part I DownloadPDF unavailable
22Lecture 22: Canopy attributes - part IIDownloadPDF unavailable
23Lecture 23: Canopy attributes - part IIIDownloadPDF unavailable
24Lecture 24: Canopy cover and closureDownloadPDF unavailable
25Lecture 25: PhotogrammetryDownloadPDF unavailable
26Lecture 26: Basal area of a tree and standDownloadPDF unavailable
27Lecture 27: Stand basal area, crop diameter and crop ageDownloadPDF unavailable
28Lecture 28: Point sampling - I DownloadPDF unavailable
29Lecture 29: Point sampling - IIDownloadPDF unavailable
30Lecture 30: Number density and sample calculationsDownloadPDF unavailable
31Lecture 31: Volume: Direct calculations through sectionsDownloadPDF unavailable
32Lecture 32: The Quarter - girth formulaDownloadPDF unavailable
33Lecture 33: Volume computations in the fieldDownloadPDF unavailable
34Lecture 34: Volume TableDownloadPDF unavailable
35Lecture 35: Forest SamplingDownloadPDF unavailable
36Lecture 36: Density and mass measurementDownloadPDF unavailable
37Lecture 37: Normalized difference vegetation Index (NDVI) DownloadPDF unavailable
38Lecture 38: Site qualityDownloadPDF unavailable
39Lecture 39: Recap - IDownloadPDF unavailable
40Lecture 40: Recap - IIDownloadPDF unavailable