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1Fundamental laws of nature, system definitions and applicationsPDF unavailable
2Thermodynamic property, state, equilibrium and processPDF unavailable
3Temperature scale and pressurePDF unavailable
4Macroscopic and microscopic forms of energyPDF unavailable
5Different forms of work, energy transfer and sign conventionPDF unavailable
6First law of thermodynamics and energy balancePDF unavailable
7Efficiency of mechanical and electrical devicesPDF unavailable
8Examples on basic concept and energy balancePDF unavailable
9Phase change of a pure substancePDF unavailable
10Property diagrams of pure substancesPDF unavailable
11Thermodynamic properties of a pure substance from a property tablePDF unavailable
12Thermodynamic properties of a pure substancePDF unavailable
13Equations of state and compressibility chartPDF unavailable
14Examples on properties of pure substancesPDF unavailable
15Quasi equilibrium, moving boundary workPDF unavailable
16Polytropic processPDF unavailable
17Energy analysis of closed system and unrestrained expansionPDF unavailable
18Internal energy, enthalpy, and specific heats of ideal gasPDF unavailable
19Internal energy, enthalpy, and specific heats of solids and liquidsPDF unavailable
20Examples on energy balance for closed systems and moving boundary workPDF unavailable
21Conservation of mass and steady flow processesPDF unavailable
22Flow work and energy of flowing fluidPDF unavailable
23Energy balance for steady flow devicesPDF unavailable
24Throttling valve, mixing chamber and heat exchangerPDF unavailable
25Energy analysis of steady and unsteady flow devicesPDF unavailable
26Examples on mass and energy analysis of open systemsPDF unavailable
27Second law of thermodynamics, heat engine and cyclic devices PDF unavailable
28COP of refrigerator and heat pump, second law statementsPDF unavailable
29Perpetual motion machines, reversible and irreversible processes, Carnot cyclePDF unavailable
30Carnot principles, thermodynamic temperature scale, Carnot HE and HPPDF unavailable
31Examples on second law of thermodynamicsPDF unavailable
32Clausius inequality, application of second lawPDF unavailable
33Entropy, increase in entropy principle, isentropic processPDF unavailable
34Change in entropy of solids, liquids and ideal gasesPDF unavailable
35Reversible flow work, multistage compressor, efficiency of pump and compressorsPDF unavailable
36Entropy balance in closed system and control volumePDF unavailable
37Examples on entropy change in a systemPDF unavailable
38Exergy and second law efficiencyPDF unavailable
39Exergy of a fixed mass and flowing streamPDF unavailable
40Exergy transfer due to heat, mass and work, exergy destructionPDF unavailable
41Exergy balance and second law efficiency for closed systems and steady flow devicesPDF unavailable
42Examples related to exergy change and exergy destructionPDF unavailable
43Gas power cycles and air-standard assumptionsPDF unavailable
44An overview of reciprocating engines and otto cyclePDF unavailable
45Analysis of Diesel cyclePDF unavailable
46Analysis of Brayton cyclePDF unavailable
47Examples on gas power cycles such as Otto, Diesel and BraytonPDF unavailable
48Rankin and Carnot vapour power cyclesPDF unavailable
49Ideal regenerative Rankin cycle and combined gas-vapour cyclePDF unavailable
50Refrigeration cyclesPDF unavailable
51Examples on vapour power cyclesPDF unavailable
52Thermodynamic property relations: Gibbs equation, Mnemonic diagrams and reciprocity relationsPDF unavailable
53Thermodynamic property relations: Clapeyron equation and Maxwell relationsPDF unavailable
54Thermodynamic property relations: Joule-Thomson coefficient and cyclic relationsPDF unavailable
55Combustion and conservation of mass in a chemical reactionPDF unavailable
56Energy balance for reacting systemsPDF unavailable
57Enthalpy of formation and combustion, adiabatic flame temperaturePDF unavailable
58Examples on property relations and reaction thermodynamicsPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available