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Module1Assignment1Assignment1343 kb
Module1Assignment1 Q&AAssignment1 Q&A218 kb
Module2Assignment2Assignment2249 kb
Module2Assignment2 Q&AAssignment2 Q&A323 kb
Module3Assignment3Assignment3288 kb
Module3Assignment3 Q&AAssignment3 Q&A271 kb
Module4Assignment4Assignment473 kb
Module4Assignment4 Q&AAssignment4 Q&A191 kb
Module5Assignment5Assignment595 kb
Module5Assignment5 Q&AAssignment5 Q&A190 kb
Module6Assignment6Assignment6325 kb
Module6Assignment6 Q&AAssignment6 Q&A170 kb
Module7Assignment7Assignment782 kb
Module7Assignment7 Q&AAssignment7 Q&A273 kb
Module8Assignment8Assignment8493 kb
Module8Assignment8 Q&AAssignment8 Q&A199 kb
Module9Assignment9Assignment9394 kb
Module9Assignment9 Q&AAssignment9 Q&A310 kb
Module10Assignment10Assignment1065 kb
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Module12Assignment12 Q&AAssignment12 Q&A302 kb

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Sl.No Chapter Name MP4 Download
2Introduction to Static StabilityDownload
3Stability and TrimDownload
4Stability: Wing ContributionDownload
5 Stability: Tail Contribution and Static MarginDownload
6 Problems : Stability and Wing Contribution CompletedDownload
7Problems : Stability Tail Contribution CompletedDownload
8Neutral Point and Fuselage Contribution CompletedDownload
9Longitudinal Control CompletedDownload
10Longitudinal Control continued....Download
11Control: ElevatorDownload
12CL_trim Vs ????e_trimDownload
13Neutral Point: A Closer LookDownload
14Contribution of Engine towards StabilityDownload
16 Trim:Cruse,Climb and LandingDownload
17 Trim: ManeuverDownload
18 Maneuvering Point: Stick FixedDownload
19Numerical: Stick Fixed Maneuvering Point and Flight DemonstrationDownload
21Directional StabilityDownload
22 Directional ControlDownload
23 Lateral Stability and ControlDownload
24Numericals : Directional, Lateral Stability and ControlDownload
25Lecture - 25 RevisionDownload
26Stick Free StabilityDownload
27 Stick Free Stability continued...Download
28 Hinge Moment and Hinge Moment DerivativeDownload
29Aircraft Handling QualitiesDownload
30Aircraft Handling Qualities continued...Download
31Reversible Control: Stick Free and Trim TabsDownload
32Numericals: Stick FreeDownload
33Numericals: Stick Free Continued...Download
34Handling Qualities: Maneuvering FlightDownload
35Determination of Neutral Point and Maneuvering Point by Flight Experiment Download
36Ponit Mass Equation of MotionDownload
37Forces and MomentsDownload
38Aircraft Equations of MotionDownload
39Six Degrees of Freedom of an AircraftDownload
406 DoF : Angular Momentum ComponentsDownload
41Vector in a Rotating FrameDownload
42Euler AnglesDownload
43 Small Perturbation TheoryDownload
44Small Perturbation Theory Continued...Download
45Perturbed Equations of Motion: Longitudinal CaseDownload
46Perturbed Force : fzDownload
47Perturbed Force : fz Continued...Download
48Perturbed Pitching MomentDownload
49Longitudinal Dimensional Stability DerivativesDownload
50 Dynamic StabilityDownload
51 Longitudinal ModesDownload
52Short Period and Phugoid ApproximationsDownload
53Pure Pitching MotionDownload
54Stability Augmentation System (SAS)Download
55 Lateral-Directional MotionDownload
56 Tutorial - 1Download
57 Tutorial - 2Download
58 Tutorial - 3Download
59 Tutorial - 4Download
60History of AviationDownload

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1IntroductionPDF unavailable
2Introduction to Static StabilityPDF unavailable
3Stability and TrimPDF unavailable
4Stability: Wing ContributionPDF unavailable
5 Stability: Tail Contribution and Static MarginPDF unavailable
6 Problems : Stability and Wing Contribution CompletedPDF unavailable
7Problems : Stability Tail Contribution CompletedPDF unavailable
8Neutral Point and Fuselage Contribution CompletedPDF unavailable
9Longitudinal Control CompletedPDF unavailable
10Longitudinal Control continued....PDF unavailable
11Control: ElevatorPDF unavailable
12CL_trim Vs ????e_trimPDF unavailable
13Neutral Point: A Closer LookPDF unavailable
14Contribution of Engine towards StabilityPDF unavailable
15RevisionPDF unavailable
16 Trim:Cruse,Climb and LandingPDF unavailable
17 Trim: ManeuverPDF unavailable
18 Maneuvering Point: Stick FixedPDF unavailable
19Numerical: Stick Fixed Maneuvering Point and Flight DemonstrationPDF unavailable
20Revision(Lecture20)PDF unavailable
21Directional StabilityPDF unavailable
22 Directional ControlPDF unavailable
23 Lateral Stability and ControlPDF unavailable
24Numericals : Directional, Lateral Stability and ControlPDF unavailable
25Lecture - 25 RevisionPDF unavailable
26Stick Free StabilityPDF unavailable
27 Stick Free Stability continued...PDF unavailable
28 Hinge Moment and Hinge Moment DerivativePDF unavailable
29Aircraft Handling QualitiesPDF unavailable
30Aircraft Handling Qualities continued...PDF unavailable
31Reversible Control: Stick Free and Trim TabsPDF unavailable
32Numericals: Stick FreePDF unavailable
33Numericals: Stick Free Continued...PDF unavailable
34Handling Qualities: Maneuvering FlightPDF unavailable
35Determination of Neutral Point and Maneuvering Point by Flight Experiment PDF unavailable
36Ponit Mass Equation of MotionPDF unavailable
37Forces and MomentsPDF unavailable
38Aircraft Equations of MotionPDF unavailable
39Six Degrees of Freedom of an AircraftPDF unavailable
406 DoF : Angular Momentum ComponentsPDF unavailable
41Vector in a Rotating FramePDF unavailable
42Euler AnglesPDF unavailable
43 Small Perturbation TheoryPDF unavailable
44Small Perturbation Theory Continued...PDF unavailable
45Perturbed Equations of Motion: Longitudinal CasePDF unavailable
46Perturbed Force : fzPDF unavailable
47Perturbed Force : fz Continued...PDF unavailable
48Perturbed Pitching MomentPDF unavailable
49Longitudinal Dimensional Stability DerivativesPDF unavailable
50 Dynamic StabilityPDF unavailable
51 Longitudinal ModesPDF unavailable
52Short Period and Phugoid ApproximationsPDF unavailable
53Pure Pitching MotionPDF unavailable
54Stability Augmentation System (SAS)PDF unavailable
55 Lateral-Directional MotionPDF unavailable
56 Tutorial - 1PDF unavailable
57 Tutorial - 2PDF unavailable
58 Tutorial - 3PDF unavailable
59 Tutorial - 4PDF unavailable
60History of AviationPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available