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Introduction to CompositesLecture1pdf of lecture1251 kb
Introduction to CompositesLecture2pdf of lecture2121 kb
Introduction to CompositesLecture3pdf of lecture3116 kb
Introduction to CompositesLecture4pdf of lecture4147 kb
Introduction to CompositesLecture5pdf of lecture554 kb
Introduction to CompositesLecture6pdf of lecture642 kb
Introduction to CompositesLecture7pdf of lecture7186 kb
Introduction to CompositesLecture8pdf of lecture8145 kb
Concepts of Solid MechanicsLecture9pdf of lecture9294 kb
3D Constitutive EquationsLecture10pdf of lecture10213 kb
3D Constitutive EquationsLecture11pdf of lecture11144 kb
3D Constitutive EquationsLecture12pdf of lecture12196 kb
3D Constitutive EquationsLecture13pdf of lecture13245 kb
Plane Stress Constitutive EquationsLecture14pdf of lecture14245 kb
Plane Stress Constitutive EquationsLecture15pdf of lecture15350 kb
Laminate TheoryLecture16pdf of lecture16323 kb
Laminate TheoryLecture17pdf of lecture17540 kb
Laminate TheoryLecture18pdf of lecture18189 kb
Laminate TheoryLecture19pdf of lecture19520 kb
Failure and DamageLecture20pdf of lecture20194 kb
Failure and DamageLecture21pdf of lecture21242 kb
Failure and DamageLecture22pdf of lecture22252 kb
Failure and DamageLecture23pdf of lecture23105 kb
MicromechanicsLecture24pdf of lecture24234 kb
MicromechanicsLecture25pdf of lecture25260 kb
MicromechanicsLecture26pdf of lecture26181 kb
MicromechanicsLecture27pdf of lecture27373 kb
MicromechanicsLecture28pdf of lecture28167 kb
MicromechanicsLecture29pdf of lecture29225 kb
MicromechanicsLecture30pdf of lecture30222 kb
MicromechanicsLecture31pdf of lecture31108 kb
MicromechanicsLecture32pdf of lecture32108 kb
MicromechanicsLecture33pdf of lecture33199 kb
MicromechanicsLecture34pdf of lecture34160 kb
Composite TestingLecture35pdf of lecture3577 kb
Composite TestingLecture36pdf of lecture36125 kb
Composite TestingLecture37pdf of lecture37351 kb
Composite TestingLecture38pdf of lecture38242 kb
Composite TestingLecture39pdf of lecture39264 kb
Design Considerations in Laminated CompositesLecture40pdf of lecture40229 kb
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Design Considerations in Laminated CompositesReferencespdf of References198 kb