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Hypersonic AtmosphereLecture Note ILecture Note I72 kb
Governing Equations and Hypersonic RelationsLecture Note IILecture Note II125 kb
Approximation in Hypersonic Inviscid FlowsLecture Note IIILecture Note III331 kb
Approximate and exact methods for hypersonic inviscid flowsLecture Note IVLecture Note IV235 kb
Hypersonic Boundary Layer theoryLecture Note VLecture Note V358 kb
Hypersonic Viscous InteractionLecture Note VILecture Note VI104 kb
Experimental hypersonic test facilities and measurementsLecture Note VIILecture Note VII566 kb
Hypersonic vehicle design considerationLecture Note VIIILecture Note VIII405 kb
High temperature viscous flows and solution strategiesLecture Note IXLecture Note IX150 kb
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ReferencesReferencesReferences10 kb