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Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionTranscript-Lect-26Transcript-Lect-2628 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionTranscript-Lect- 1Transcript-Lect- 130 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionTranscript-Lect- 2Transcript-Lect- 231 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionTranscript-Lect- 3Transcript-Lect- 381 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionTranscript-Lect- 23Transcript-Lect- 2329 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionTranscript-Lect- 24.docxTranscript-Lect- 24.docx34 kb
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Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-1Intro-Propulsion-Lect-1.pdf1037 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-2pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-23026 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-3pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-32112 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-4pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-4474 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-5pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-5629 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-6pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-6371 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-7pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-7220 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-8pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-8.pdf245 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-9pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-9248 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-10pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-10220 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-11pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-11206 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-12pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-12217 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-13pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-13203 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-14pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-14282 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-15pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-15223 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-16pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-16204 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-17pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-17218 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-18pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-18242 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-19pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-19.pdf260 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-20pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-20209 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-21pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-21267 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-22pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-22.pdf203 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-22Bpdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-22B304 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-23pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-23506 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-24pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-24646 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-25pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-251290 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-26pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-261475 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-27pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-27463 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-28pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-28673 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-29pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-29426 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-30pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-301293 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-31pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-31948 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-32Intro-Propulsion-Lect-32208 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-33Intro-Propulsion-Lect-33.pdf209 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-34pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-34212 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-35pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-351521 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-36pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-361095 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-37pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-37699 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-38pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-38874 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionIntro-Propulsion-Lect-39pdf of Intro-Propulsion-Lect-39854 kb
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Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionQuiz 1Quiz3 kb
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionQuiz 2Quiz3 kb

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1L1-Course Intro & Historical development of flights PDF unavailable
2L2-Early development of aircraft propulsive devicesPDF unavailable
3L3-Development of Jet propulsion for aircraftPDF unavailable
4L4- Introduction to thermodynamics, Scope and method, Basic concepts: system, surroundings, property, intensive and extensive, state, equilibrium and state postulate, process, path and cycle PDF unavailable
5L5- Quasi-static processes, zeroth law of thermodynamics and temperature, concept of energy and its various forms, internal energy, enthalpyPDF unavailable
6L6- Specific heats at constant pressure and volume Work and heat transfersPDF unavailable
7L7- TutorialPDF unavailable
8L8- First law of thermodynamics for closed systemsPDF unavailable
9L9- First law of thermodynamics for open systems/flow processesPDF unavailable
10L10-Second law of thermodynamics, heat engines, refrigerators and heat pumps, Kelvin-Planck and Clausius statement of second law of thermodynamicsPDF unavailable
11L11- Reversible and irreversible processes, concept of entropyPDF unavailable
12L12- Increase of entropy principle, third law of thermodynamics, absolute entropy, perpetual motion machinesPDF unavailable
13L13- TutorialPDF unavailable
14L14- Carnot cycle, Carnot principle, thermodynamic temperature scalePDF unavailable
15L15- Exergy, availability and second law efficiencyPDF unavailable
16L16- TutorialPDF unavailable
17L17- Gas and vapour power cycles, Otto cycle, Diesel cycle, Dual cyclePDF unavailable
18L18- Rankine cycle, Brayton cycle, Stirling and Ericsson cyclesPDF unavailable
19L19- Thermodynamic property relations, Jacobean and Legendre transformations, Maxwell’s equationsPDF unavailable
20L20- TutorialPDF unavailable
21L21- Properties of gas and vapour mixturesPDF unavailable
22L22 (A)- One-dimensional compressible flows, isentropic flowsPDF unavailable
23L22 (B)- Flows with friction and heat transfer, normal and oblique shocksPDF unavailable
24L23- Piston-prop engines: Otto cycles; Ideal and Real cyclesPDF unavailable
25L24- IC Engines for aircraft applicationPDF unavailable
26L25- Performance parameters of IC enginesPDF unavailable
27L26- Supercharging of aircraft IC enginesPDF unavailable
28L27- Tutorial: IC EnginesPDF unavailable
29L28- Propeller fundamentalsPDF unavailable
30L29- Propeller aerodynamic theories –IPDF unavailable
31L30- Propeller aerodynamic theories –IIPDF unavailable
32L31- Tutorial: PropellersPDF unavailable
33L32- Ideal cycles for Jet enginesPDF unavailable
34L33- Ideal cycles for variants of jet enginesPDF unavailable
35L34- TutorialPDF unavailable
36L35- Fundamentals of Ramjets and PulsejetsPDF unavailable
37L36- Fundamentals of Rocket enginesPDF unavailable
38L37- Fundamentals of Missile enginesPDF unavailable
39L38- Various space vehicles and their enginesPDF unavailable
40L39- Closure of the lecture series : recapPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
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