Self Assessment Quiz

Lecture 11 and 12 :- Differential Amplifier

Common Data : VDD = 1.8V , Lmin  = 0.18µm, µ0N = 350cm2/V s, µ0P  = 100cm2/V s, |VTH | = 0.55, tox = 3.8nm, λ = 0.07V−1, χ = 0.1.

1. Calculate the unloaded voltage gain and output resistance of the circuit in Fig.13 Assume Ignore body effect.

Figure 13: Figure for Question 1

2. Derive the expression for and for the p-channel input differential amplifier.

3. Design the current and of the current mirror load differential amplifier to satisfy the following specification slew rate and a small signal gain of and

4. For a folded cascode current  mirror differential  amplifier  shown in Fig.14 assume for all the transistors .

  1. Find the maximum input common mode voltage and the minimum com- mon mode voltage
  2. What is the ICMR?
  3. Find the small signal gain
  4. If a capacitor is connected from the output to ground, what is the frequency for in hertz .

Figure 14: Figure for Question 4

5. Consider the NMOS and PMOS input stages as shown in Fig. 15. Given that ans the saturation voltages of the current sources is also determine

  1. The common input range of the P channel input pair
  2. The common input range of the N channel input pair
  3. The common input range of the complementary input stage shown in Fig. 16

Figure 15: Figure for Question 5