Mechanics of Textile Machinery (MCQ : MODULE 8- Transmission shaft and drafting rollers )


Question 1: Most serious type of failure of a shaft is due to

Elastic deflection
None of the above

Question 2: Factor of safety is

Failure stress minus allowable stress
Ratio of failure stress to allowable stress
Allowable stress minus failure stress
Ratio of allowable stress to failure stress

Question 3: The permissible deflection of drafting roller is

Less than 0.075 mm
Less than 0.125 mm
Less than 0.175 mm
Less than 0.225 mm

Question 4: Bottom drafting roller in a single delivery drawing machine is subjected to

Central load
Intermediate load
Uniformly distributed load
Uniformly distributed load at the middle

Question 5: Lapping of fibres over drafting roller would be severe, if

Fibres are finer, roller is smaller in diameter and speed of roller is high
Fibres are coarser, roller is larger in diameter and roller speed is less
Fibres are stiffer, roller is large in diameter and speed of roller is high
None of the above


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