Mechanics of Textile Machinery (MCQ : MODULE 5- Helical Gears )


Question 1: Two meshing parallel helical gears will have

Their shafts parallel to each other
Same helix angle
Opposite hands
All of the above

Question 2: Having higher helix angle on parallel helical gears leads to

Excessive thrust load on bearings
High power transmission
None of the above

Question 3: Gears used to drive drafting rollers in high speed drawing machine are

Spur gears
Parallel helical gears
Crossed helical gears of opposite hands
Herringbone gears

Question 4: Which of these gears do not generate thrust loads

Helical gears
Worm and Worm gears
Spur gears
Bevel gears

Question 5: Bevel gears are used to drive

Lickerin to cylinder in a card
Drafting rollers in roving machine
Creel apron in bale opener
None of the above

Question 6: Compared to straight bevel gears, the spiral bevel gears will have

Less thrust load
Smooth operation at high speed
More noise and vibration
Less durable at high speed

Question 7: The meshing crossed helical gears to drive bobbins in roving machine have

Same hand with helix angles of 60° and 30º
Opposite hands with helix angles of 60° and 30º
Same hand and with helix angles 45° each
Opposite hands and with helix angle 45° each

Question 8: Spiral bevel gears are used in

Carding machine
Ring spinning machine
Sewing machine

Question 9: Single envelope worm gears are used for

Low load transmission and high speed reduction
High load transmission and high speed reduction
Low load transmission and low speed reductionr
High load transmission and low speed reduction

Question 10: In which of the drives, worm gears are not used?

Flat in card and cam in ring spinning machine
Bobbin building in roving machine and bottom calender roller in scutcher
Drafting rollers and flyers
Pedal roller in scutcher and flat in card


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