Mechanics of Textile Machinery (MCQ : MODULE 3- Chain Drives )


Question 1: Which one of the followings is used to drive Flexi Cleaner

 Timing belt 

Question 2: Recommended lubricants for chain are

 Grease and heavy duty mineral oil 
 Grease and high viscous vegetable oil 
 Light and medium mineral oils 
 Grease and vegetable oil

 Question 3: In chain drive, more and add number of teeth on sprocket and even number of chain links are preferred to obtain

 High power transmission
 Uniform wear on sprocket teeth and rollers of chain
 High speed 
 None of the above

Question 4: The characteristics of chain drives are

 Cheaper, High power transmission, Transmission over short to medium distance and Driver & driven are parallel to each other 
 Longer life, Longer distance between the driven and driven, Precise speed control and Heavy load transfer
 Requires no lubrication, Longer life, Cheaper and High power transmission
 Polygonal effect, Swivel joints, Requires no lubrication and Heavy duty applications

Question 5: Chain drive with idler sprocket in Flexi cleaner is used to drive

 Beater, feed rollers and plain roller 
 Feed rollers, plain roller and perforated roller
 Feed rollers, beater and perforated roller
 None of the above combinations

Question 6: In high speed drawing machines, creels rollers are driven by

 Chain drive
 Spur gears 
 Round belt
 Toothed belt


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