Mechanics of Textile Machinery (MCQ : MODULE 11- Bearings )


Question 1: Needle bearings are used for

Bottom Drafting roller
Card cylinder

Question 2: The load carrying capacity of rolling contact bearing

is independent of speed
decreases with an increasing speed
increases with an increasing speed
None of the above

Question 3: Self-aligning roller bearings are used for mounting

Beater shaft
Gear shafts
Tension pulleys of spindle tape
Cylinder shaft of a card

Question 4: Footstep bearing in ring spindle is a

Bush bearing
Roller bearing
Angular contact roller bearing
Thrust ball bearing

Question 5: Hydrostatic bush bearing compared to hydrodynamic bush bearing is

High starting friction
High load carrying capacity at starting
Easy to maintain

Question 6: Which one of the following statements is correct?

Friction is maximum in semi-boundary region
Thin film lubrication is characterized by stick-slip phenomena
In hydrodynamic lubrication, friction decreases with increasing journal speed
Boundary friction is not affected by the structure of journal outer surface and bearing inner surface

Question 7: Coefficient of friction in sliding contact bearings increases when

The journal speed increases
The viscosity of lubricant increases
The fluid pressure in the bearing decreases
All of the above

Question 8: Which one of the following statements pertaining to ball bearing is wrong?

Increasing the conformity of ball reduces friction
Increasing the conformity of ball supports greater load
Decreasing the conformity of ball supports greater load
Selection of curvature of raceways is a compromise between load and friction

Question 9: Which one of the following double row angular contact bearings support thrust loads in only one direction?

Face to face
Back to back
None of the above

Question 10: Self aligning ball bearings are used in

Bottom drafting rollers
Cylinder of a card
Top drafting rollers in ring spinning
Doffer of a card

Question 11: Which one of the following statements is correct?

Power loss during starting is very low in the case of hydrodynamic bearings and load capacity of hydrostatic bearing reduces with increasing speed
Rolling contact bearings are costlier and occupies large axial space
The noise level in rolling contact bearings are lower and the sliding contact bearings are cheaper
Load capacity of hydrodynamic bearing increases with speed and rolling contact bearings are vulnerable to shock loads


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