Knitting Technology (MCQ : MODULE - 8 and 9)


Question 1: The sinker in Raschel

Assists in casting-off
Assists in clearing the old loop
Assists in clearing old loop and casting-off
Assists in supporting fabric edge just formed

Question 2: The double bed Raschel is less productive than the single bed because in double bed system

There are two sets of trick plates and needle bars
Guide bars have to swing through a longer distance of two needle bars in each cycle
Guide bars pass through one idle and unproductive phase of swinging motion in each cycle
Two cycles of needle motion are needed in each effective cycle of production

Question 3 : Match the pairs

A .Pattern disc 1. High productive machine
B.Pattern chain 2. Slow but versatile
C.Electronic shogging 3. Fast and versatile

(A1, B2 C3)
(A3, B1, C2)
(A2, B3, C1)


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