Knitting Technology (MCQ : MODULE - 7)


Question 1: Match the pairs

A.Guide bar motion in front of needle hook 1. Underlap
B.Guide bar motion from front to back of needle bed 2. Overlap
C.Guide bar motion across back of needle bed 3. Swinging in
D.Guide bar motion from back to front of needle bed 4. Swinging out

(A4, B2, C1, D3)
(A2, B4, C1, D3)
(A1, B2 C4, D3)
(A3, B2 C4, D1)

Question 2: Match the pairs

A .Pillar stitch 1. Heavy fabric
B.1x1 Tricot stitch 2. Length way rigidity in fabric
C.Four-course open Atlas stitch 3. Light fabric
D.4x1 single bar construction 4. Alternate course lines inclined in opposite direction

(A1, B2 C4, D3)
(A3, B4, C2, D1)
(A2, B3, C4, D1)
(A2, B4, C3, D1)

Question 3 : Increase in underlap makes the fabric

More extensible
More stable

Question 4 : Construction with minimum underlap is

Closed Pillar stitch
Open Pillar stitch
Open Atlas stitch
Open 1x1 tricot

Question 5 : Yarn from back guide bar occupies

Core of fabric
Outermost layer of fabric
Intermediate position between core and outermost layer
Loop in core but underlap along the outermost layer

Question 6 : A combination of larger underlap for the front bar and underlaps in unison makes the fabric

Wider and more rigid in length direction
Narrower and more extensible lengthwise
Narrower and more extensible widthwise
Wider and more extensible lengthwise


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