Knitting Technology (MCQ : MODULE - 5)


Question 1: Knitted fabrics of similar tightness factors

Would exhibit higher loop length when produced on coarser gauge machines
Would exhibit higher areal density when produced on finer gauge machines
Would exhibit higher wale spacing when produced from finer yarns
Would exhibit same length produced in unit time by machines of different gauge

Question 2: Match the pairs

A.Fabric areal density 1. Directly proportional to loop length
B.Fabric width 2. Inversely proportional to loop length
C.Fabric tightness factor 3. Proportional to square root of yarn tex
D.Length of jammed loop 4. Approximately proportional to yarn diameter

(A4, B2, C1, D3)
(A2, B1, C3, D4)
(A1, B2 C4, D3)
(A2, B4, C1, D3)


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