Knitting Technology (MCQ : MODULE - 4)


Question 1: Match the pairs

A .Flat bed single jersey 1. Ne = ( Gauge2 ) / 6
B.Circular bed Interlock 2. Ne = ( Gauge2 ) / 15
C.Circular bed Rib 3. Ne = ( Gauge2 ) / 20
D.Circular bed single jersey 4. Ne = ( Gauge2 ) / 9.6

(A1, B2 C4, D3)
(A3, B4, C2, D1)
(A3, B4, C1, D2)
(A2, B4, C1, D3)

Question 2: Other variables remaining same

Lower yarn input tension results in larger loop
Increase in machine gauge increases loop length
Higher cam setting makes for a smaller loop
Delayed timing on double jersey machine results in a larger loop

Question 3 : Under standard conditions of production

Machine of higher gauge results in higher rate of production in kg/h
An increase in number of feeders results in a proportional increase in production in kg/h
Machine of higher productivity runs at higher rpm
Product of circumferential machine speed and rpm provides the productivity index of a circular machine

Question 4 : Yarn property that affects the knitted fabric feel and appearance most is

Yarn extensibility
Yarn regularity
Yarn strength
Yarn coefficient of friction

Question 5 : The most important yarn property affecting the overall knitted fabric quality is

Yarn coefficient of friction
Yarn twist
Yarn regularity
Yarn fineness


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