Question 1: Limitations to the weft insertion rate of a plain loom is imposed by

The loom eccentricity
The picking and the checking system
The width of the loom
The mass of the sley

Question 2: In over-pick loom, the shuttle velocity can be increased by

Using a large nosebit of the picking cam
Rotating the picking cam on the bottom shaft
Increasing the length of picking strap
By increasing the swell pressure

Question 3: Under-pick system has the following advantages over the over-pick system

Retains the setting of picking system for shorter duration
Independent adjustment for strength and timing of pick
Suitable for non-automatic loom
Only one picking cam is required

Question 4: In an automatic shuttle loom working with under-pick mechanism the velocity of the shuttle can be varied by

Increasing the length of the check strap
Decreasing the length of the check strap
Changing the position of the lug strap
By adjusting the swell

Question 5: Link pick ensures that the movement of the picker will be in

Straight line and horizontal plane
Straight line only
Horizontal plane only
Arc and horizontal plane

Question 6: For a two fold increase in reed width, the picking power of a shuttle loom needs to be increased by

2 times
4 times
8 times
16 times

Question 7: If the loom speed (PPM) is doubled, power cost per metre of fabric will be

0.5 times
2 times
4 times
6 times

Question 8: A loom is designed to run at 500 ppm. If the fabric width is 2.5 m and weft crimp on the loom is 8%, the weft insertion rate in m/min on the loom will be


Question 9: Alacrity of the picking system will increase with

Increase in shuttle mass
Decrease in rigidity of the picking stick
Increase in rigidity of picking stick and decrease in shuttle mass
Decrease in rigidity of picking stick and increase in shuttle mass

Question 10: Tick the wrong statement/ statements

For linear nominal displacement profile of picker

(A) Maximum velocity takes double time as compared to the time for maximum acceleration.
(B) Maximum acceleration and maximum velocity both depend on alacrity
(C) For a given maximum shuttle velocity, if the effective stroke of picker is reduced by 50%, the maximum shuttle acceleration will increase by 200% .
(D) Maximum picking force is created when the lag between actual and nominal displacement of the picker is maximum.

A, B, C
A, C
B, C

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