(MCQ : MODULE 2 - Winding 1 )

Question 1: Wind is defined as

Number of coils per traverse
Number of coils in double traverse
Number of grooves in the drum
Winding speed in m/min

Question 2: A 2.5 crossing drum means there are

2.5 turns in a double traverse
5 turns in a double traverse
5 turns in a single traverse
None of the above

Question 3: In drum winding package density is independent of

Yarn tension
Yarn strength
Applied package/drum pressure
Angle of wind

Question 4: Surface speed of a cone in relation to surface speed of winding drum is

Equal at all points
Higher at all points
Lower at all points
Higher at some points and lower at other points

Question 5: Hardness of a cone can be changed by changing the

Wind per double traverse
Wind angle
Conicity of the package

Question 6: During production of a cone on a surface driven winder, the point of drive is

At the centre of the package
At the package base
Near the package nose
Near the package base

Question 7: In a drum or surface driven winding machine, with an increase in package diameter

The winding speed would increase
The package rpm would go up
The coil angle would decrease
The number of coils per double traverse would fall steadily

Question 8: In case of surface driven winding package, as the winding proceeds , angle of wind

Remains constant
First increases and then decreases

Question 9: Pattern formation during drum driven winding occurs due to

Low traverse speed
High surface speed
Low RPM of the drum
Ratio of traverse speed to RPM being a whole number

Question 10: In spindle driven winder with constant winding speed the following thing changes with package diameter

(A) Traverse ratio
(B) Package rpm
(C) Angle of wind
(D) Package surface speed

A, C
B, C
C, D
A, D


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