Nuclear Science and Engineering

Dr. Santanu Gosh
Department of Physics
Indian institute of Technology, Delhi
New Delhi - 110016
Ph: 2659 1348

This module deals with the basics of nuclear physics, in terms of nuclear dimension, constituent particles, mass, magnetic moment, electric moment, nuclear shape, nuclear binding energy and stability. (3 lectures + 1tutorial).

The structure of the nucleus is discussed in the light of liquid drop and nuclear shell model. (3 lectures + 1 tutorial)

Lecture 1:
In this lecture some of the basic properties like, constituent particles, mass, dimension, of an atomic nucleus are discussed.
Lecture 2:
In this lecture the electric moment of a nucleus and different nuclear shapes is discussed in detail.
Lecture 3:
This lecture deals with the binding energy of a nucleus and its implication in nuclear stability.
Lecture 4 (Examples with hints for lectures 1 to 3):
This is equivalent to lecture 4. Problems related to the above three lectures and hints of the answers are provided in this section.
Lecture 5 and 6:
In this lecture a detail discussion on liquid drop model of nucleus and its significance to understand nuclear stability is made.
Lecture 7:
In this lecture nuclei with magic numbers and nuclear shell model have been discussed in a simple manner.
Lecture 8 (Examples with hints for lectures 5 to 7):
This is equivalent to lecture 8. Problems related to the mass formula and nuclear stability are given and hints of the answers are provided.